It’s just a flesh wound.

From time to time, a fellow Woody Boater offers some special WoodyBoater to WoodyBoater deal. I get it, and have actually been toying with a category on Woody Boater that is for us only. Like a Woody Boater backroom area. If you know about it, you know, if not? Well, sorry. All part of the fun. of course the new website needs to go live, ugh. We are so close. Bill Basler is doing an amazing job and been unraveling some major spaghetti noodles. Ugh. Sorry Bill. Anyway back to the Backroom.

It worked when they parked it in the backyard. But that windshield looks good.

If you need one? Here it is?

Like a work of art. Not that art.

Comes with three original screws

Hurry before the weeds grow back.

May not look like much, but these little parts are a treasure to someone. Or not. Now, lets talk about the different screws? Was this a transition boat? I am so confused. maybe Tommy can insult me with some sort of correct comment.

Fellow Woody Boater Ray, we will just leave it at a first name thing, shhhhh psssst, anyway Ray is parting out a Century Resorter. And is offering stuff at half of ebay prices. And so here we are. Windshield, name plates, and some fire wood. I will of course be trying to figure out a way of buying and selling this stuff. But for now, the comment section seems like the best place. And of course Raymonds email. HERE. –

And for those of you that got the fist joke of the day. This is for you.