A ZelMan And His Cave, His Really Nice Cave!


Eric is a happy man in his special universe.

We all know fellow Woody Boater Eric Zelman and his detailed obsession with doing things right and to perfection. So when Eric decided to build a barn/workshop/man cave/ dream shop, of course he did it too the extreme.  I went and visited Eric yesterday, he lives about 25 minutes from us here in Reedville, and it’s that time of year, where workshops are like summer boating. The fun stuff happens inside.

Looks like a perfect day. 50 degrees and 35 mph winds. Lets go inside

Mmmm what to see first.

This area is where the TV and sofa will be. Right now its a sea skiff

Lots and lots of work areas and storage upstairs

Eric just finished 4 coats on the restoration of a Lake N Sea. He has gone way over board on it and we love it.

Rolled. Not sprayed. It’s insane perfect. PERFECT. Except one small bug. Eric had to point it out. See.. Of course you don’t. But he knows it’s there. That’s the sort of perfection Eric has. Poor guy!


All rebuilt. He made a mold. Yup.

This boat is going to be stunning and stronger than original.

He restored the fuel tanks for it.

Just add gas!

Engine is ready

The Hydrodyne is just the way it should be. Prerestoric condition!

She is in fantastic shape, and Eric says runs great and very smooth with those special seats

Over in another bay is his U22 with 6 coats of varnish. Note the clean air system and very cool divider curtain. Lights on the side.

Its like an operating room in there. With heat and air BTW.

A huge thanks to Eric for inviting me..and us over. This will be a future setting for many workshops in the area here in the Middle Bay. Stay tuned. Winter is coming!

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  1. Eric Z
    Eric Z says:

    Jill says we should name the boat “Skeeter” for the soul that perished- I’m not sold on that. Matt, next visit I’m putting you to work!

  2. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    The love for the Lake N Sea is special. Wish I never sold mine.
    I just loved looking at her, sitting on the trailer, or in the water.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Eric now has the primo Leak and Sink in the world…to go with one of the best shops in the world. I will be down there tomorrow and will call Eric and Jill for dinner….then I am Going Boating the next day!

    John in Va.

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