Absolute Classics Marine. My eBay Foe, Deserves A Plug!


As you may have read last week, while trying to sell my Barrel Back, another popped up on eBay. I made fun of it, and tried to use it to sell mine. I was actually very happy to see it there. The two boats could not have been more different. One a “before”, the other an “after”. The other thing that I was happy about was finding Absolute Classics Marine. Since I am not on the west coast that much any more, and for sure not in British Columbia, I have little knowledge of the good restorers and brokerage dealers out there. But that is the magic of the web and using eBay as a marketing tool. After looking at there site, and speaking with fellow WoodyBoaters out there, Absolute Classics Marine became an even better find. The reviews could not have been more glowing. Very honest, and with an amazing amount of integrity. So if you are out there, stop by, take pictures, heck… buy a boat… Just not that Barrel Back… I hear there’s a great deal on a finished one!