Ahhhhhhhhhh That Felt Good!


She screams. Actually very load for a K more like a throaty Harley

Last week, I had to be in Boston, New Jersey, and DC, then home to Reedville on Thursday night. A 8 hr drive after a all day meeting. My brain was like scrambled eggs. Mfine? insert Bacon comment here. (_____________) Anyway. thanks yesterday for giving me the day off, and off I went.

Roy, Reed and Jimmy letting her rip!

We had a strange day, started out strange and got very nice, then strange again weatherwise. But that’s summer. We did get BUTTERCUP running like a champ thanks to two rebuilt carbs from VanNess Engineering.

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That little sucker absolutely flies. Her KFL is amazing. Once it gets started, which is like threading a needle while on a bucking bronco. The system that kinda works. Start turning over a small bit. STOP, Pull out choke, start shove choke in fast. And then it feels like a old dragster. That cam and long throw is a rumble fest. And dang she lights up like a dragster as well. A wonderful sound.

The chase boat. They had all the fun.

We had two boats out just in case something else went sour. After all she had been in a barn for around 30 years. So that’s that. Put her back in the barn so we can now give her a paint job and interior. And my brain is now back to normal. What ever that is, and what is normal anyway in our world.

No seats, one line, no paddle, two fire extinguishers and a pile of life jackets. LETS GO! This is what its all about. Three grown men being 10 again

Trying to start!

Jimmy knows how to start her up. He has the touch

Three Amego’s in My little Buttercup!

Her yellow swatch ready for her next stage

She seems to real close to 40 with one person in her.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we feature Two Rockets, With Three Bobs and Three K’s. Yup. 3

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  1. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    That boat has to really go with it’s light hull and the KFL. Good engine-a few more ponies than a KLC without the finickyness of a tri carb KBL. Easy to trail too.

  2. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    Please, remember that sweet little word called “an”? It should go before 8 and all in your opening piece. The alternative , as written, is an ugly and difficult glothal stop. I know it’s the fashion, but like most fashion it should, we hope, disappear. Let’s speed it up.

    • Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo says:

      Martin, if you came to this site as the grammar police, it will be a full time job. We have a very special command of the English language.
      Have a nice day.

  3. Andy and Ann
    Andy and Ann says:

    And another ancient and anemic and angry antediluvian answer anticipates anti-grammar anyway.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    May I ask. What is the white smoke coming from the exhaust? I seems alot. I have a v8 210hp riva engine that does the same.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      The white smoke is the result of the water pump pumping water thru the motor and its eventual exit thru the hot exhaust creating steam and the byproduct of which is white smoke.

      • Zor
        Zor says:

        Hi, I have grown to be alarmed when o see steam from a boat engine. It could mean seawater pump isn’t pumping enough or there is a blockage. Am I wrong?

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