Americas Best Varnish Lives Up To It’s Name. This Stuff Is The Ship!


Last summer we announced the new special varnish Distributed by Fitzke Boatworks. And from the start it was a favorite here at the railway. The application is normal, and nothing really all that different. EXCEPT, you can re coat it after 2 hrs without sanding! In other words, you can get three to 5 coats on a day. Build coats if you use the accepted term. But that was just one test.

Morning light two days ago.

The real test, is the test of time. And man oh man, it delivered. Each year I put on two refresh coats on Sweet Pea’s brite work to last the winter. It sits outside and just takes a beating. Its had it all. And to date, NOTHING works as well as the Fitzke Americas Best Varnish. HOLY CRAP. Bam, it held up, still shines, and ready for a nice refresh…once the pollen goes away. YIKES.

Below is a sample of Kevin’s work.

Kevin Fitzke’s work is amazing.

MISS MOONSHINE is in the works now. This is a scale model he built. Kevins attention to detail is crazy.

The third test is price. It’s priced like its 1980, not 2024.. Yup, like half of what the others ask. 41.00 a qt. and also comes in a gallon size, High gloss and satin, and a water based version. There are two types, one for build up and one thats traditional. The traditional version is glossier from my testing, so it’s great on the final coats. So if you are about to do some varnishing, test it yourself. You will save time, and yes money!  YOU CAN SHOP FOR IT HERE! 

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Can you apply another coat on the finish version in two hours also? Without sanding?
    That will make me give it a try for next varnish job. It could convert me from Captains!

    • Kevin Fitzke
      Kevin Fitzke says:

      Greg – you can recoat after an hour at 72 degrees without sanding, with up to 5 coats in a day. After 12 hours of drying, sand the build coats flat in preparation for a final or more build coats if desired.

  2. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    Good endorsement. Sounds like a real good product.
    With low VOC’s I’ll miss the oxygen deprivation high I get with the other stuff 😵‍💫.

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