Antique & Classic Boat Trade, Swap, Barter?


If you are like me… First sorry… But if you are. Your classic boat is just one of your countless inventory of dumb things that your spouse will put in future divorce papers to prove that you are unstable. Mind you, it’s not that you have any of these things for ever. It’s that you always seem to have something different. Never satisfied and always curious. But with the economy the way it is, and total lock jaw of the wallet, such a life style has been brought to an end. For the record it’s not about the money… well, sometimes it’s not. But it’s about learning and trying new things. The way I defend it is. 20 boats, 80 cars 15 homes. 1 wife…… It’s all stuff. My kids and family is all I have for real…. Anyway, here is my big idea. Woody Barter? The web site is being built as we It’s soul purpose is trading only Antique Classic boats. That’s it. No, “I will trade plumbing for a boat”, or “my 1989 Nissan for your boat” crap… Just Classic Boat on Boat action… I am still working out the details. Like, sections like “Trade with Cash”, “Even Stephen”, or “A Threesome” “Value” … So if any of you hot shots have insights, please comment or email me now and we can start Woody Swap’n….

For the record, I am looking for a nice U22, Will trade 1941 19 ft Barrel Back with some cash in the deal. Could be a way to trade up!

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  1. W. J. Goes
    W. J. Goes says:

    Hello, I am looking for information for, Wicker Boat Chairs, antique, reproductions, in good shape. Awaiting your repley, Thank you…. Sincerely W.J.Goes… Life Member ACBS

  2. matt
    matt says:

    We have had several requests on this subject, and do not know of any suppliers at this point. But we will do a story on it and hopefully someone will chime in. I know they were made a while ago.

  3. Rory Miller
    Rory Miller says:

    I am looking for a exhaust manifold for my 1957 Chris craft Sportsman it’s a 6 cylinder Hercules KFL 131 HP I live in northern ca.

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