Are You All Set For The Big Flip Tomorrow! SUNDAY! LIVE 3PM CENTRAL TIME!


They’ve done drawings!

Mark C, sent us in some fancy drawings he did to make sure it all went well. See Marks brother is an engineer and his cousin is a truss engineer, they did the math and it’s all good thankfully! Mmmmm We are talking about a wood boat though. And..well. Ship happens, and thankfully Mark is kind enough to share the drama.


Serious drawings! Good Lord.


Adding stuff in the attic!


What the?


Whats holding up the bikes?




Now, see Emily, I know we have just put a hole in the ceiling, but think of all the stuff we can lift now? Emily… Emily???

To add to the drama, Mark and Emily just had there second Child 15 days ago. The baby comes home on Monday! Will there be a ceiling in the Garage? Will Mark be living in a Van down by the river? Will Marks family all be there own Reality show next fall? Tune in TOMORROW at 3 PM Central time. 4 On the east coat, 2 Mountain 1 West coast To find out. Below is the live feed . If its on you get to watch the nothingness of it just sitting there.

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  1. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    The best drawn plans have question marks on them😄. Really, it does look like a good set up. They are distributing the weight across a number of 20″ deep floor trusses. Nice work.

  2. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    My uneducated guess is he’ll be at the hospital lol, That’s where Id be if I did that in my garage. Hopefully it will all work, should be exciting.

  3. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Stay tuned……at three o’clock it will be time for Mark to change juniors diaper and then feed the little one. I think we have the ultimate Boatress here in Emily. Less than two weeks after giving birth and Emily is helping remove hardware off the boat??? WOW!
    Good luck!! I will be in my chair with a beer in hand to watch the engineering marvel.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Why not just kick a couple of tall 4×4’s under the bottom cord of the truss after you back the boat in to support the load, throw a chain over the bottom chord with a shackle to hook your chain fall to and voila easy peasy boat rollover support. After you’re done, kick the 4×4’s out and store them for the next lift. if you want, put blocking in above the 4x’s across a couple of bottom chords to spread the load and nail them in to the ceiling as future “locating plates” to kick your 4x’s into. Done that, got the t-shirt, as they say.

  5. Wes
    Wes says:

    With the help of our local chapter of the ACBS, here is how we flipped the Skippy Jr.

    Good luck. I hope all goes well.

  6. Bernie LeMay
    Bernie LeMay says:

    Turned on at 2:45 thinking I missed the best part. Will get a beer and sandwich, take a nap & then see if they have made progress. Should be a while.


  7. Bernie LeMay
    Bernie LeMay says:

    The bright sunshine and record warm temperatures here in Cleveland made me think today was Sunday. Anyways, the sandwich was good, the beer cold and the nap not long enough. Will check back tomorrow.

  8. Mark Christensen
    Mark Christensen says:

    I’m a little concerned about where the center of gravity is on the boat compared to where I have the chains. Can anybody calm my nerves?

    • Mark Christensen
      Mark Christensen says:

      That’s correct Steve. The rear one is fine obviously. I’m concerned about the front one. It would be a big deal to move it so I’m hoping it’s fine.

  9. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    In the middle of my last move I had to roll a 16′ Special Raceboat with one strap. By myself. It was kind of fun.

  10. Scott Mason
    Scott Mason says:

    Does this mean I don’t have a life out here in the NW if the alarm on my phone is set for 12:55 to watch a boat get flipped? Well as usual is is suppose to be raining by then anyway.

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