Bam, Clank, Rattle, Pop, Pop! Ugh.


New Old Head on Stinky

So, where do I start? The day we found Stinky? Over a year ago we dragged Stinky out of her sleeping spot after a 30-40 year slumber, and miraculously got her H engine started. She never really ran that well. We had some work done on her and were warned it was a temp fix. The latest Failure of the head gasket on the worlds crappiest aluminum head released a series of issues.

I thought. Mmmm since she won’t start, might make a good end table out it.

She wouldn’t start, nothing we did helped. UNTIL! We blasted each cylinder with PB Blast. And bam. We got her running.

But missing #5, and #6… Now some may think this is horrible, but has been Stinkys “thing” and so we got her running well-ish and went out. Usually at around the 15 minute mark she lights up and runs like a champ.. So lets go! Now, we are not sure who to blame here. But “Jimmy” made a comment that she seemed to be getting ready to smooth out.. Oh boy! With in seconds, BAM, CLANK, RATTLE, POP, POP.. Not one of those sounds is what you want to hear. But all of them together.. Well, we all know it aint good. So what did we do? Pulled out the camera of course. And for gods sake don’t turn it off. We will never get it started again. Here is her last ride! FULL THROTTLE..

It was a slow run home. But pop, popping ,rattle rattling onto the trailer and into the barn. WOOOHOOO! We are gonna rebuild us an engine!  You may all be wondering why i am not upset? Well, its all part of the culture, and really? Stinky? Running on a original engine from 1937 after sitting in a rat infested barn for 40 years? And now, Stinky gets to get the engine she wants. Just one request. That it smells just as bad as the old one!

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  1. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Good Luck, I went through a lot of the same problems as you have experienced with an M in a U22, after around $3500 and a lot of work and frustration I installed a v8 Chevrolet and all those problems disappeared.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I watched/listened to the first video three times….and in that case I agree she is dragging at least two or more dead spark cylinders…which Jimmy is testing. It could just be distributor related I guess? I don’t think it is like Jake deadpanned to Elwood in the blues brothers car chase….”..I think we threw a rod”…..but here we go, like in the Blue Brothers….Matt and Jimmy on a “mission from god.” Good luck. Bring wecatchem this weekend.

    John in Va

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Our plan is to bring WECATCHEM depending on the weather. I wanted to bring Stinky or Buttercup by trailer. But oh well. No shortage of options. As to the distributor. I dont think so. That was rebuilt. This is a rough knock. The real question is how to I find a KBL. Thats the engine she really wants. Or a Flathead V8 – But do not want to spend the money on a rebuilt engine for a boat that is not all that … well, lets just say. She has other issues. Which BTW is all the fun.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        For those wondering what John and I are talking about. SPLASH MOBBING! This weekend, beach party on Antipoisen Creek. Off the bay near Whitestone VA. BBQ and woody’s Thanks to Eric Zelman for putting it out there.

  3. Bilgerat
    Bilgerat says:

    Well at least your transmission is a holding a good neutral at 1800 RPM in the first video. Ya gotta look for the positives in a situation like this, at least that’s what I tell the wife.

  4. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It’s great that you and Jimmy are good friends. Misery loves company with that kind of thing, especially with the amount of s__t that you guys have been through lately. I look forward to the day when Stinky will not sound like a sick old tractor!

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    I told jimmy on the boat, that this was kinda more fun than a full throttle ride. He didnt agree. But its a mind set. I see this all as fun, as learning about stuff, and spending time with friends. I was thrilled to have a fun story idea. Sad, but true.

  6. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    Are you sure the valves are not sticking open? I am having that problem right now with a kbl in my capri (that sat for 45 years). I keep breaking them loose and run it until they get stuck again, then repeat.

    • Ronald
      Ronald says:

      Andy, You might try some Marvel Mystery Oil for those sticky valves both in the oil and in the gas for a while, If it works It was cheaper and easier the pulling the motor and installing new guides and valves.

      • Andy C
        Andy C says:

        I have been putting marvel in. It seems to cure the problem for a while but then they stick again. I think I just need to run it more…but a little nervous as there is no bilge pump and it has the original bottom:)

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I don’t think a W will fit, but a long stroke M series should moved her along. Or a SBC 350, but that might work to well to be a source of stories.

  8. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I’ve always wondered if I could engineer a GM V-6 flywheel forward conversion utilizing the CC 283 housings with contemporary intake and exhaust manifolds…

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