Can't Take Your Kid To Work At The Flight Tower Anymore. Thats OK. Try Some Scampy!


To be honest I don’t see what all the hub bub is about taking your kid to work at the flight control tower. Really, there were clearly people around to make sure things went smoothly. That job is one of the highest stress jobs on the planet, so bringing in your kid to see why Dad is a nut job at home is actually a good idea. Questions could be answered.. Like – Why does my dad need to control were the peas and carrots go on the dinner table? Or. Why is my dad always helping mom park the car?
What about kids that ride along with a parent that’s a cop? A lawyer? A Neurosurgeon… OK wait, maybe I am seeing the point here. I guess I don’t want my Brain Surgeon pointing out some synapse to his 8 year old.. Go ahead Johny, just tug on that…OK, so lets say that’s not going to happen anymore. Well, we have the answer right here. SCAMPY
The Sunnyland Chapter Apprentice Mentoring Program For Youth. A wonderful new program for youth development and appointed Richard Arnold of Rejuvenation Woodworks in Eustis, Florida, the Director of this new program. This new program, dubbed “SCAMPY” will follow the guidelines set by the ACBS National Committee to develop and mentor young people in the art of boat building and restoration.
The program will evolve over the next year or so into three phases.
The first phase focuses on attracting youth to the program and developing enthusiasm for boat building. Using simple construction techniques, small teams of young people led by a volunteer mentor will each build a hydroplane boat based on an early 1950’s design.
The second phase
will undertake the restoration of a donated vintage boat with restoration sessions held in a working boat shop, Rejuvenation Woodworks. A workspace for these restoration sessions has been dedicated at Rejuvenation Woodworks and these sessions will meet regularly, every other Saturday, to discuss and implement each step in the restoration process. April is the target date to begin the restoration mentoring sessions.When fully established, the program is designed to generate funds through the auction of a finished vintage boat after it was restored through the SCAMPY program. The money raised will augment Sunnyland’s scholarship fund and enable Sunnyland ACBS, in phase 3, to underwrite some of the costs for promising future Boatwright’s to continue their education in boat building and restoration at a school of their choice.

If you are interested in SCAMPY or want to create your own SCAMPY …like lets say for for the Tidewater chapter of the ACBS that I am president of, mmm we could call it.. wait… mmm TWRAMPY… OK wait… that’s a different program idea…it would make money though..mmmmmm.. Or for the Black Hawk Chapter.. BAMPY… They could use a baby dear… OR for the Chesapeake ACBS… CHAMPY, there that’s better… they could get Mike Tyson to be a member… Get all the kids face tattoos… Anyway.. if you want to know more, come to the Sunnyland Tavaras Show show and look around for Jim Shotwell, who runs the youth development program for the ACBS or Richard Arnold, both great guys. How bout for the Georgia ACBS.. GRAMPYS… or the……

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Congratulations to the Sunnyland Chapter, to the ACBS and Jim Shotwell and to Richard Arnold for all of your hard work and dedication to this amazing youth program. I look forward to seeing this in action and meeting some of the folks at the show in Tavares in a couple of weeks.

  2. John Ahearne
    John Ahearne says:

    Great program! For us parents thinking of starting a chapter like this in our area, don't forget about the Sea Scouts in the meantime. My boy really enjoys it. Maybe I can collaberate with the Sea Scouts and ACBS to start something here?

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