Chris Craft Cobra Material Specs, And Post High Tide Pics. It’s A Mash Up Day

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Factory Material Specs for 18 Cobra

Today, we have a mash-up of catch-up, whats-up from the past couple days of stories. One is two factory spec sheets on how to achieve the factory color for Cobras. Thank you Uncle Joe for that. Uncle Joe has all the secret goodies, which is why we are using his Uncle name. BTW, we all need an Uncle Joe in our lives.

Factory Cobra 21 Material Specs

And the other is the Railway Cleanup. What happened? How did it all pan out? So many questions. One simple answer. Fine! It happens when your property is basically a boat ramp. The good news is nothing floated away, or worse, floated up.. EEEESH.. MR B sure loves him some dead fish carcass’s. Carcasssss? How in the hell do you plural Carcass? Then again,I just cursed at Carcass, OH.. No way. I am not going to get trapped in a word loop this morning. NO!

Mr B and I finished the deck on the Heroldo Riviera Shed.

Mr B’s yard is back to normal

I added some Long boat hook holders. These are large and in charge to help guide boats onto the railway


Soon to be opened.

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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Jaxon and Uncle Joe were good friends. Went to a Husky adoption event yesterday. Decided that I’m too old to clean up after a Husky. Looking for a different breed now.

  2. Randy
    Randy says:

    Wouldn’t it just be your luck that, after buying all that red paint, that you find 100-gals. of red barn paint in the HR Shed!

  3. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. B looks, well let’s say… different. Did he get a bath and a haircut?

  4. Art
    Art says:

    Actually the Algonac Maritime Museum has data like this. They only have one staff member who is the guru of the data and he is only there part time—–as they all are.

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