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Winter is all about the fun of repair and service. I actually find this to be the most fun part of classic boat ownership. It’s not spring time till you can smell varnish in the air. One great resource for me and many others is Classic Boat Connection There online catalog helps a ton, so does a call by the way. Here’s a tip. Call now or in the winter months for parts. The guys have time to talk. But in the spring, its wham bam thank you… mam. Also ask for parts not in the catalog, they have some great stuff around. It’s like they are your connection to classic boat parts…

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  1. dave bishop
    dave bishop says:

    Can anyone help me? I’m trying to find a value/information about my 12′ wooden Sportcraft Adventurer.

  2. John Sothoron
    John Sothoron says:

    Can you help me? I have a 1954 Chris Craft Holiday, and I am trying to find chrome “Chris Craft” lettering 26″ in size to put on each side of the hull.

    Thank You

    John Sothoron

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