Classic Trumbly Race Boats On eBay. Start Your Own Race Team!


Not one, not two, but three Trumbly race boats on eBay at the same time from the same place. What an amazing oportunity to own some fun history. And while your at it, you can have your own vintage boat race. What fun. Trumbly#1, Trumbly #2, Trumbly #3. Or just search on eBay under Trumbly. UPDATE: Fantastic News! One person bought all three. That is fantastic news and the way this story should continue. Congratulations Lawtonwood4, eBay Winner. By the way, are you kin to Lawtonwood3’s of Virginia? Ha. Way to go…

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Wow, there you go! Get one of these or all 3 of them and take them to the Muscatine Boat Show in May. They would be a big hit.

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Man oh man , you are not kidding. Show all three, have a custom trailer made, with snap shots the whole deal. And you be the hit of any show. I just might have a cool trailer idea as well… ha.

  3. Lida-Rose
    Lida-Rose says:

    Hello, Matt. MANY thanks for the great coverage on What a neat surprise. I learned today that a couple of the old pit crew members are still around, and they would no doubt have some great oral histories to share. We also were speculating that plans for these runabouts may still be lurking around in the Trumbly family archives or possibly at the vocational school where Joe Trumbly taught years ago. Anyway, so pleased that these caught your eye and your imagination enough to give them another spot in Cyberspace. Very best regards, Lida-Rose

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