Correct Vintage Fire Extinguishers! It's All In The Details.

What a great resource to give your classic boat that perfect look. I said look by the way. I have one of these, and to be honest have 4 brand new modern ugly ones on board as well. Something about Wood, Gas, and sparks… Call me crazy. Anyway those are tucked away at arms length, but the one that prodly sits out in the open in its correct place is one of these beautiful brass ones. If you have a Chris Craft, it might tell you the kind that was delivered with your boat on it hull card. If not Give the folks at a click.. They will be glad to help. You will find these items at flea markets as well. but may not get the correct one. So its a good idea to check with the experts. Save those point deductions for the wrong screw head or the wrong nut on your carb!!!!!