Dang! Stinky Is Getting Kinda Snazzy

She is getting sharper

I knew in my mind that the varnished wood transom would add a little sumth’n sumth’n but to think it is a far cry from feeling it. That simple tweek added some real punch and accented the lines so much better. I sweat these little 16’s are the best of the entire barrel back series. And considering these were the first barrel backs, tells me they were the designers original thoughts. YA I am a proud parent. SO? Anyway, it’s a slow process, and I am breaking it up, music load, and my phone shut off!

Slow and steady with the heat gun and scrapers.

This part is the hardest. The top layer comes off in sheets.

But it does come off, and reveals some tid bits. Like they used adisk sander to strip it before they glassed it. And this section does not have seams? Dang!

After cleaning her wood, you can see some contrast here

The heat gun again and a small punch cleans out the seams, then some light sanding

It’s really starting to feel right..I hope.

Another day in paradise

Stay tuned, we will be doing this as a series, and we have several other series to go.


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  1. Dan Overbeek in MI
    Dan Overbeek in MI says:

    From the photos, it appears that the wood is in good shape. That has got to make you happy! I really can’t wait to see where you take it, or should I say, where it leads you! Have fun!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It’s really a shame what was done to that boat, but you are on your way to making it look right again. Good luck!

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Hell, that wood looks really good. Keep at it. A worthy project and worthy boat. Reedville museum is showing my donated Argentine to a customer today!
    Buy it buddy.
    John in Va

  4. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Ah the disc sander treatment. Hopefully enough wood thickness is left for you to work with but if painting, filler goes a long way to hide sins.

    Looked at a Chris Craft semi-enclosed cruiser many years ago that in the pics looked good but on closer examination, the owner used a disc sander then just painted over the deep swirls. He was so proud of his work, I didn’t have the heart to comment or even low ball a price, just said it wasn’t what I was looking for.

  5. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    I remember one of the early Sunnyland shows when it was called the Lake Monroe Boat Show. The late Dale Tassel and John De Sousa put on a Saturday seminar on runabout restorations. One young couple there in attendance who had brought their freshly varnished late model CC Capri ended up leaving the seminar abruptly and hooking up their boat and going home after hearing in the presentation you should never use a belt sander on the boat which is exactly what they had done. And you could see the deep gouges where the rollers had dug into the grain on the hull sides. And they didn’t fair it out, just stained and varnished right over it. It was a real disaster. Wonder if they ever got it right. It would have had to have been replanked.

  6. Wayne Bomb
    Wayne Bomb says:


    Congratulations! Was just out running an errand and saw your former boat being towed out of Reedville. Guy driving the truck was smiling.

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