Finishing Up The Cabin, Oh Wait, Forgot Something


Dang, I am even shocked

Does it ever end? When it comes to old wood cruisers and well, all boats, it all seems to be a continuous project. You just have to say to yourself. Self, that’s enough for now. The real problem comes in when you know better and are obsessive about stuff. But, eventually it can wear you down and enough is enough, until it isnt. Right? I have no idea. Here are some more pics of Sweet Pea’s Cabin. And yes I have a bunch of pics from the road trip to Lowell Boats, stay tuned.

It’s always 5 O’clock on board. All the small trim had to be stained and varnished as well

The old alum light was polished and redone

The Compass although somewhat obsolete with the new Garmen system. Does look the part, and is still accurate

The Marshel Speaker Wood rattan speaker material should be here in a day to finish the helm. To me that will be the finishing touch. 

Wait, one more thing

The FLOOR! Yesterday was spend stripping it, sanding and one coat of varnish. This will be a satin finish, and although in the photos doesnt look like a big difference, in person its the most dramatic change.

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    It never hurts to have the old compass as a back up for when the fancy Garmin electronics let you down. Hopefully, you have it calibrated as best as possible.

  2. Art
    Art says:

    Wow, that compass talk in cruisers brought me back to my childhood. When Chris craft took a cruiser off the end of the line they drove it out to the edge of the river where they had a special Pole very tall and I was out in deep water, and they would latch on to that Pole and spin the border on the Pole to 0 in the Compass.

  3. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I’m assuming you no longer have the chain-driven steering set-up… “Sweet Pea” is looking great!

  4. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    Literally, a boat load of work and that’s just the helm station which looks amazing. Don’t know where you find the time. Surely you must have a boy Friday to do some of this behind the scene.

  5. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith says:

    Actually very true! I am dangerously getting to the phase of lounging on a boat. Especially over the past two weeks

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Whats a boat without a babe Troy. I will bet you., Sandi, Matt and Suzy will have a good time. Would make a good Story Matt6.


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