Gatsby Is Inda House. Okay, The Secret Lair Of Repair.


She is in the secret part, not the repair part for the record.

The other day Gatsby, the newest ship in Jimmys fleet arrived at the Secret Lair of repair here on the Northern Neck to GO BOATING! Of course in true form, the weather is not cooperating, so, that is that. But it’s great to see George Hazards work up close and WOW! George and the gang at Wooden Boat Restoration did a great job, and hopefully Gatsby will be cruising the water ways here VERY soon, not soon enough.

Tucked in there with Wayne’s Whaler, which is also phtoto bombing the story. YANNON under cover and a lawn mower.

LOVE the pre-war lines

Okay, lets go!

The mighty Gats-B rebuilt by Jimmy himself. It took 4 engines to make on good one. A huge thanks to Robert Henkel for all the help doing that. You can check out Robert Henkel’s famous shop HERE.

OKAY! Now just the weather

Our special Woody Weather are always ready to pose in front of a ..well. front.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Beautiful boat in pristine condition. Nice to have a Michigan gang guy involved in the engine restoration. Surprised by the “B” power. I thought Jimmy was a go fast guy!

  2. Troy in NJ
    Troy in NJ says:

    Good luck with the weather!
    The 60 f has been following us up the coast. Should finally get to warmer temps today.

  3. John Coffman
    John Coffman says:

    George Hazard wooden boat restoration llc and Dockside boat works are two different places correct?

    • Wolfgang
      Wolfgang says:

      Kelly you need to bring that fantastic model to the Presque Isle Harbor Wooden Boat and Model show June 15th.

  4. Karl Hoffman
    Karl Hoffman says:

    I’m nearly finished with the total restoration of the identical Chris Craft the only difference is the the year and power, by the gauges Wayne’s is a 1941 and mine is a 1940 with a 1961
    Chris Craft 283, yes I had to build a wider engine box

    • Ron in Seattle
      Ron in Seattle says:

      FYI Karl is one of our guys in the PNW chapter, always helpful, and a 283 expert! He just took on learning how to rebuild velvet drives! Thanks Karl! And thanks to Jim McNeely, the “instructor”.


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