Håkan’s Finished Carb!

With original tag!

After the sad farewell to Scarlet yesterday, I needed to write a story about a boat part! I don’t see myself crying when my carburetor dies.  And I guess since we started this journey of Håkan’s carburetor together it’s only fitting that we see the finished job. by the way, Finished BTW, is not a reference to Finland, but more that’s its done. Håkan is from Sweden. Which is a different land. I know to many of us here in the US, it’s all blended together in a mash up of hot blonds, Vikings and creamed fish. But really is different. I will say it would have been a funny headline, But Håkan’s Carb is Swedond just doesn’t sound right.  Anyway, here is Håkan’s note and carb photos. Woohooo!

Very nice.

I got my restored carb back from my carb shop “Carbguy” the other day and it looks perfect in my eyes and very. Very much thanks to you and the rest of the Woodyboater community.

Naked.. And apart

Can a carb be sexy?

We got hold of some awesome fact from original Chris Craft documents, especially from your friend Joe Morrison that I attached as well.

The document

But the knowledge regarding these very special carbs and high performance engines are not widely spread, that´s for sure!Once again, I´m so grateful that You manage the website and all the rest of what you do regarding Woodyboater community, You´re so very much appreciated all over the world, not just in the pond next to you! 🙂

Thanks Håkan, we all love our carbs!


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Carbs. Good for engines, bad for waistlines?

    When are you going to get a spread bore Carter with matching big block V8 for WECATCHEM? You should be getting that swap started soon, to be ready for the season!

  2. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida 🌴 )
    Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida 🌴 ) says:

    Rebuilding a 4 barrel of any kind. Tricky but when you get them done it’s just plain cool! Nothing like the feel of those back 2 barrels opening up. I had my Mustang in a car show one time, some guy walks up and looked under the hood. He said “ that’s the original tag on that carburetor “, I looked at him proudly and said “ that’s the original carburetor “.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    when I see a pile of parts like that disassembled Carter…I thank god for Diesel and Go Boating!

    John in Va.

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