I Have A Bunch of Old Boat Stuff In My Barn And Want To Get It To A Good Home. Do You Want To Come See It?

Do I? That’s the very line I dream about. Old treasures buried in piles of other treasures. I have a saying. “It’s ones man junk til I make it my junk.. It’s only a treasure during the transport home”… While at the Reedville show, a very nice gentleman came up to me and said those very words. “I have a bunch of old Chris Craft stuff in my barn”….. The next morning I was there and would like to share it with you as I saw it. It can all be yours. I am not in the parts business and needed non of it. But as my new best friend Tom said.. “I just want it to go to someone that can use it”. So here goes. If you are interested in the lot of stuff. You can contact me and I will give you the info. But please… no one part at a time stuff Toms barn is packed to the gills with this stuff. And no the model A is not for sale. It has 13,000 orig miles and is all original… ugh! That is a true treasure….

Small stuff. vents and throttles
Windshield stuff
Yes its for a 427 plus an entire gasket set.. no engine though
Two V8’s With very hard to find front mounts
A ford Manafold. Very rare
A 440 Chrysler motor
An expansion tank
pumps pumps and more pumps
A ford 6
A Ceder skiff
a K something. 2 of them
elbows and reducing gear and a transmission

more elbows and engine shims
Oh did I mention elbows
More windshield stuff and step pads. God and Tom only know what else lies in here. Two barns and a basement of stuff. This was the stuff on top. But I think the bulk of it. It was all mixed in with tractor and car stuff.

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  1. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    If i was driving I would bring it all for you. But cramming a 440 into the overhead compartment may be a stretch..

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Matt, you could probably get a couple of those old Herc's in the overhead compartments (if the flight attendant could help you lift them up) and the 440 could go as checked luggage. Imagine seeing an old 440 Chrysler tumbling down the ramp at the baggage claim…

  3. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    So here's the scene at the ticket counter…

    Hello sir. Do you have any carry ons.

    Yes sir.

    Thanks.. Can we weigh it here on the machine…

    Sure… do you have an engine lift..

    Oh dear. I am so sorry sir we have a 4 cylender limit for the over head compartment. Can you torch it in half…

    So I suppose these two K model engines are not going to work…

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Wow if that was Lyman stuff I would hook up the trailer to the F350 and be there by the weekend. I do like the cedar skiff though. It is nice of you to put it out there. I hope it all ends up in working boats.

  5. Bill Brennan
    Bill Brennan says:

    I may be interested in some of your old pumps.
    What do you have left???? Looking for something Belt driven.

    Write soon.


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