If You Need A Stern or Bow Pole, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!


Stern Pole Details

Put down whatever you are doing, and read this. Unless you are reading this already. In which case, stop reading this and start reading this? Oh crap, LOOP ALERT. Okay, I will let Jaxon and Jim Staib take it away today. Here ya go, take it away Jim, Jaxon.

Ya !I did that!

Correct Factory Bow and Stern poles

I get a call from John in Montana. He is restoring an 18’ Riviera. On the final steps and taking the time to do it right. He needs a bow and stern pole. Wants to know what is correct. I consult with a few judges. Unbeknownst to me Jaxon fired off a text to his uncle Joe in Algonac. I get a text from Joe about Jaxon not being able to reach the treats he sent for Christmas. Shortly after I hand Jaxon a treat another text comes in. THE HOLY GRAIL!! A data sheet from the Algonac factory listing the poles and flags every boat left the factory with in the early 1950s. Including what wood the poles were made from.

Ditto Data!

More Ditto Data

Stop trying to sniff the Ditto data

Seems Holidays and Rivieras had Sitka spruce bow and stern poles. Even breaks down the hull number Racing Runabouts changed from the vertical to the raked bow bole. (Using up the pre-war bow lights) Also gives the lengths. Well you have to translate the charts in the Accessory manual. The biggest surprise is Stern poles for 20′ Sportsmans and shorter boats are the 26” pole with a 12X18 ensign. Personally, I think that’s too small.



Either way I called McCormick Lumber in Madison to see what wood they had in stock. It’s a 200 mile ride each way so I wanted to know. Andy, a Woody Boater, answered the phone. He walked out and gave me an actual count. I told him I needed to figure out what I needed. He told me to make up my mind within an hour and he would deliver that night to Minocqua as he was heading to his cabin. Saved me about 300 miles. Took some doing but I have finally assembled a variety.


Lights sold seperatly

Look at the charts to see what poles your boat left the factory with. We have found that the Holiday and Riviera style round poles were not available in spruce (until now) if you broke the original.


Bow poles

The curve is the photo of the page, not peyronie’s


And with that, I will leave to your new pole info. You can reach Jim Staib right here at FineWoodBoats.com if you just get some growling, it’s Jaxon, who is the brains of the oportation. And… well. Oh never mind.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I have always said: “If you are looking for anything for your boat call Jim (or Jaxon) first. If they don’t have it they know where to get it and will send you in the right direction.”

    Hagerty Hall of Fame needs to take notice. (Or would that be in the Hall of Shame category?)

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Even though it’s not included on the Chris Craft list, when I needed the hard to find stern pole for my 20’ Continental, Jim and Jaxon came through!

  3. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    sweet, any photos of jim (or jaxon) making those poles.
    is his lathe belt driven? or are they planned and sanded by hand.

    nice work!

  4. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Bought the hardware and flags from Jim but turned the wood myself. I always go to Jim first, might be some as good but none better.

  5. dreed
    dreed says:

    Well that answers a long time question of mine. I have bow pole in mahogany, and stern pole in spruce. I guess I will be giving Jim a call today. Thank you Jaxon. Next question is what is the proper blonde stain for the bow pole?

  6. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    Nice of Jim and Jaxon to include a catalogue and price list in their article. I have a 19′ 1952 Holiday….

    I’ll take a 13194 bow pole, 90 cents, a 2196 stern pole, $8.00, a 13211 racked pennant at $1.95, and a 13191 cotton ensign at a dollar!

    Cheque’s in the mail Jim!

  7. Waldo
    Waldo says:

    Very interesting about poles. When I started restoration of 1955 CC Continental purchased in Buffalo, NY in 2004 only had the original stern pole. I searched internet and made most of my supply purchases and a bow pole from Jim Hanten with Classic Boat Connection. I have purchased items from Jim Staib and have been very satisfied with both men’s knowledge of hard to find parts. More suppliers now than in 2004.

  8. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Continental isn’t listed!
    I was able to get an original stern pole from Joe in great condition, but I still need to get a bow pole for my ’56.

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