Little Rock Boat Works. More Old School! And Loving It.


No website, no email, just snail mail and a phone. Does that hurt business for Davis Watts Owner of little Rock Boat Works? Well with 2 years worth of work in the shop. I suppose the answer is no. So no web, and a name that sounds like he is in Arkansas, not Minnesota were he really is…as a marketer I scratch my head. But his reputation has him and his company a nice following and some very nice boats for sale. I found David from a classified ad regarding this very nice 25 foot Chris Craft sportsman. Two weeks later, these nice photo’s appeared on my desk with the Business card on the cover. All taped up. I swear you could smell varnish on the envelope… I love it. He also has other very sweet boats. Like a very rare Hacker Commuter….Interested. Don’t bother clicking on anything here. There is this odd thing on your desk, it has numbers on it, and you push the buttons, and bingo, you get to talk to a real person live.. If you push these buttons you can talk to David himself. 320 393 3370… I suppose a fax number is in the works in the future… Don’t ruin a good thing David…
Here is the address
Little Rock Boat Works
600 Division St. South
Rice, MN. 56367

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  1. Roger Bzdok
    Roger Bzdok says:

    I am looking for someone who can help appraise a boat for me. It is a 23 foot, original 1984 Sea Ray Weedender with 580 hours on it. Has a Chevy 305 engine, 228 HP. Put 20 grand into it. Can you help me? If not, where can I get it appraised?
    Thanks, Roger

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