Looking For A Sea King Outboard For The Sea King Boat. Here King, Here King!


Every time I hear Sea King, it reminds me of the Henny Youngman joke.. My wife’s cooking is fit for a king. “Here, King!”

As you may recall about a month ago, my friend Peale Rogers got a very cool barn find out of his Aunts garage. We featured it back then, and now she is getting to the point of getting into the water.

She has three coats of varnish and getting close. Peale would love a Sea King outboard for her to match, possibly a 15 -20 hp. Now the year, estimate, is a 1954, so any engine in the 50’s would be perfect. I gotta say the 5’s are easy to find, but the larger ones, not so much.

Anyway, I know the good citizens of Woody Boater will know of one, or two.. or 50 of them being hoarded in a barn someplace. Hell even a photo of one would be great.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nice boat. I have an old Johnson, but it is a 5 horse. A couple more years, and I will be looking for a nice molded plywood boat for my grandsons. I think the WoodyBoater community will come through.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    These are just photos I’ve grabbed off the web, accumulating ideas to retroize my modern Suzuki. Sea King outboards appear to have built by various manufacturers thru the years. This 35hp is from the miid ’50s & built by Gale/OMC. One of these would be a sweet find, as from what I’ve read, many still run these mid ’50s OMCs. There’s a parts & knowledge base to keep them going.

    • Kelly Wittenauer
      Kelly Wittenauer says:

      This 15hp looks to be a bit newer. saved these pics, as the badge on the rear of the hood is very cool.

      • Kelly Wittenauer
        Kelly Wittenauer says:

        Closeup of badge. Actually realized that I shot the pics of the 15hp, at the 2012 Midwest All Classics show.

  3. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith says:

    Thats cool as heck! I know he is looking at a used engine. 4 stroke that is kinda square, so this could be a great template to work from

  4. Tom McGowan
    Tom McGowan says:

    I have 2 1956 30hp Johnson Javelin motors that need a home. Both are in pretty good shape. If you are interested, you can find me in the ACBS directory.

  5. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    Had no idea Sea King motors were so prevalent. Great info Kelly. I’m working on a friends FeatherCraft he had as a kid with an electric start ‘57 Johnson. The electrical cable from dash to battery to motor needs replacing. It’s so weatherbeaten and cracked. Since Johnson’s are so popular; thought I could hit fleaBay and find a replacement, not so easy. Looks like I’ll be creating my own from scratch. Haven’t come across any SeaKings in my inter web search but I know where there’s a boat load of Merc’s if anyone’s interested.

  6. Bill & Linda
    Bill & Linda says:

    Free, 1957 Javelin. Last ran 2012, stored indoors, looks as good as photo. Painted similar to ’57 Sea Horse. You will know why, if you know Javelin motors.

    Did I mention it’s free? Pick up at your convenience in Seattle area, or pay shipping.

  7. Andy in Middletown
    Andy in Middletown says:

    I like a challenge… On Facebook Marketplace… there is a 35 HP long-shaft in Freeport, NY listed for $200… and so many 5 HP sea kings, I wouldn’t pay of $75 for any of them. Almost a dime a dozen. I’ll keep looking…

  8. RussInBolton
    RussInBolton says:

    There must be some out there. Pic of my Montgomery Ward 22 HP Sea King purchased circa 1957. Good luck on your search!

  9. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    If anyone has an old or newer 4-6 horse outboard in running condition for free or $$$ somewhere on Long Island, I’d be interested in it. I’ll pick it up.

  10. Manbius
    Manbius says:

    Circa 1965 (at my urging), my dad bought a used 12-hp Sea King outboard from our local marine dealer. I recall he paid $100. I regret I don’t have any pictures, but do recall it had a gunmetal gray hood, and a pair of cosmetic rectangular “exhaust ports” built into the rear sides of the hood. That outboard had an integral fuel tank, but it had been retrofitted with an external fuel tank conversion. Twist grip throttle on the tiller. Forward, neutral, reverse lever on the side of the hood. Quite an upgrade from the 2.5-hp Johnson Sea Horse we had up to that point. I also recall some hardware on the front of the Sea King case that must have facilitated installation on a boat with a cable-operated steering wheel. We always just rented a rowboat from a lake resort. My dad was no slouch physically, but I remember that outboard being quite heavy as mounting the outboard dockside was always a matter of a 1-shot “aim the mounting brackets for the transom, and hope dad doesn’t miss.”

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