Manny Thanks For This Gar Wood Flagship Update From Sierra Boats

Love the space, and contrast of unfinished and finished

A huge thanks To Fellow Woody Boater A HUGE thanks Manny & Juanita Del Arroz and “Fourty Pines” a 1941 28’6″ Gar Wood Flagship Triple Cockpit powered by a 300 HP V-12 Scripps, for sending us all updated photos being worked on at Sierra Boats out on Lake Tahoe.

Public Service Announcement

If you learn in and sniff the screen you can pick up a faint wiff of Varnish…. Well, and snot from the sneezing you have been doing..

Sniffffff it in

It all comes down to tape!

Great work area

The center deck wood has been stripped, refastened, sanded and stained with sealer applied. According to research the original outer boards color will be stained an very dark brown/black that emphasizes the deco shape of the center.

An old picture of the Flagship at Obexer’s Boat Company on Lake Tahoe. Date unknown.

If you want to know more about GarWood design, here is a wonderful thread on the Boat Buzz


A reminder of Mannys Flagship from the last update.


The original story is HERE for your enjoyment.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    That boat is a real beauty! Glad she is getting such outstanding treatment.

    Matt: Thanks for the link to the VERY interesting thread on Boat Buzz!

  2. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    What I like is the shading of the mahogany on the transom. It really makes the lettering standout. Matt, is the shading something you did or is it just the lighting?

    And while we are at it, how the heck do you have the time to do all the photoshopping and research every morning? Do you sleep or just take long naps?

    • Reddog
      Reddog says:

      “Davinci Sleep.” It’s a real thing. Developed by Leonardo Da Vinci and perfected by C. Kramer from Seinfeld. Look for it on YouTube.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Beautiful boat. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see her put back together and on the water.

  4. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    Awe inspiring workmanship! No drips no runs no errors or in baseball terms, PERFECT game!

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