Manny’s Very Rare 1941 Gar Wood Flagship Streamliner With A Whopping Scripps V12



A HUGE thanks to owned by Manny & Juanita Del Arroz and “Fourty Pines” a 1941 28’6″ Gar Wood Flagship Triple Cockpit powered by a 300 HP V-12 Scripps, for sending us all updated photos of his amazing Flagship Streamliner the last one built. I love this model. The engine, the design and love that FLAGSHIP on the bow! It’s being restored at one of our favorite places, Sierra Boats On Lake Tahoe. HERB YOU RULE!


I’ve used Woody Boater as a resource. So, thought you might like to seeing my 1941 Gar Wood. Its is the very rare 1941 Gar Wood – Flagship Streamliner. It has a Scripps V12. All original.

That’s one sexy bottom! – The bottom was restored last winter.

Now currently doing the deck. The 80 year old boat is in perfect original condition. All the Wood is in great shape.
The leather needed replacement.

At the Deck Dr!

From Lake Tahoe 2011 featured on Woody Boater

Same time at Lake Tahoe 2011

The original was a patriotic theme. Red, white and blue theme for the war to match the Flagship name. The leather was custom dyed in a deep red.

Gar she is now at Sierra Boats

I love it. Love this photo, simple background

It is believed that two 28 flagships were built. The second has not been seen. The Gar Wood Flagship was displayed at the New York boat show when new in 1940 or 41. Later sent to Lake Tahoe where it currently resides.

The Trophy Fleet

The Flagship Streamliner is the final pinnacle of Gar Wood design and refinement.

Love the photos on the wall

By spring 2020 the boat will be on Lake Tahoe. Restoration by Sierra Boat. Will send final pictures when done.

Happy Chappy’s

All the picture of the boat on the water are before restoration. The boat had not been restored for for 40 years or so.

Before – Wow

She has a wonderful life

The Flagship was featured in Gar Wood Boats: Classics of a Golden Era by Anthony S. Mollica (1999, Hardcover) Had a different name. Original name was Forty Pines.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wow. Everything about that boat and engine is massive. Gar definitely wanted to make a statement.
    What material is the dash made of? It looks like some composite in the photo.

  2. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    I believe the dash was just dark stained wood. From a design point of view, think of large wood radio cases of the period for inspiration.

  3. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    I should add it would be a hit of the show at the acbs international show in Coeur d’ Alene this summer.

  4. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    The wood used on the dash should be philippine mahoganywith a double black stain. The finish on most of the Gar Wood dashes back then were rubbed effect varnish or satin as some people know it. The traditional way would be to rub the varnish down with pumice and rotten stone. Here is one we just finished on a 25′ 1936 Gar Wood…super cool look!!!

    • Mike Green
      Mike Green says:

      Thanks, the boat came out amazing and a real piece of history. I would do a story here on Woody Boater if Matt would put it up. The boat came to us in about gray boat condition so it was quite the restoration to get it back to factory details.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        God! Not this crap again. Really? As I have said so many times. Send me the story. I can’t make it up. Oh. Wait. Yes I can. And will. In fact it would be my pleasure to make it up. You may not like it. But hey you asked for it. Game on!

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    What a beautiful Boat! Thanks for sharing. It is great to see a boat that was built for fun and happiness. Not death and destruction as in yesterdays article.

  6. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    That is stunningly beautiful. What a statement. The triples are amazing. That Flagship dash has a military look. The gauges finish it off beautifully.

    I love the leather seats in Mike’s photo. Can’t seem to get that today!

    • Mike Green
      Mike Green says:

      Cameron, we had it made and they can now make more anytime we need it. It’s probably the coolest leather I have ever seen. Really rich and lots of detail to it. We can now make and offer about 5 differnt leathers. Pigskin, green for the Sportsmans, aqua marine for the barrel backs and few more.

  7. Kent Armstrong
    Kent Armstrong says:

    I am confused. some of the photos show the engine is between the 2nd & 3rd cockpit. The photos of the boat at the restorer show the engine is aft of the 3rd cockpit.
    Did I miss something?

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    looks right to me, maybe we have a new name.. Typo is type, Eyo is bad pics. HA. I think you are looking at a hatch open

  9. George Morgan
    George Morgan says:

    Another great example beauty and craftsmanship under the capable care of Sierra Boat’s amazing crew and shop works. Wonderful to learn that Forty Pines has been well cared for and appreciated through the years and will continue to be.

  10. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Incredible boat. Looking forward to seeing more pictures as the restoration progresses. Interesting to see how some of the boards on the bottom were configured – curious as to why.

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