Need An Engine Manual, A Boat Manual? Tom King's Your Man…ual!

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There isn’t a time while working on your boat that you wonder, mmmm, I wonder what I’m supposed to do here? Or even worse, miss some sort of routine maintenance that the factory knew about, and the old geezer that had one of these in the day knew about. But you had no clue that turning that little screw on the water pump eases grease into the pump, and that needs to be done regularly….All that stuff is in manuals that would have come with your dream boat, and those documents are in a yard sale somewhere in Toledo…. if you are lucky…. OR! They are on line at and available to you. Tom deserves a huge thank you, because from the price he charges, this is clearly not a for profit business. It most likely covers the cost of maintaining the web site so folks can find such information. And for that , Tom King you are Woody Boater of the week. Ta Da! Congratulations. I am sure your family is proud! Thanks to you I now know the torque on that little bolt on the …..

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