Not Just Another Classic Boat Restoration Project!

I am sure it ran when it was tucked away…. in a shoe box.

Introducing the worlds smallest restoration project. Just think, all the parts are there… kinda, looks like it has a good bottom. Just some Elmer’s and Dope and you are set to go… factor in that the restoration will cost twice what you thought, so you best have about 50 bucks more set aside. The engine will no doubt need working on. Do you have the tools? No your wife’s eyebrow tweezers are not tools! To her that is. And for gods sake don’t piss her off anymore than normal. Restoring a boat can be trying on a marriage, this one could ruin a night plopped in front of the TV for example…. ” Dear when do you plan on finishing that dam boat? You said it would only take 3 hrs, it’s now 5! You smell like glue!” Is it really worth it! YES. You will be able to live your childhood dream of having a classic miniature racing boat. ..You would have been the coolest kid on the pond with your race boat. Oh sure all your pals had Cox Airplanes, or Estes Rockets. You have this thing. Until it all goes sour. After hrs of trying to get that engine started you put it into the lake and it takes off. Poof! It’s gone. Some lame ass string thing ain’t gonna do it. Then you realize that the thing is sinking cause Elmers is for school papers not boats, ugh. Then you cut your blistered finger on the prop trying to start it… Fed up you tuck it way for 40 years and sell it on eBay. And so here you have it. Click here!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the projection. I am the dope with 2 wood boats and always looking for more. Maybe you are the right one and I should trade them in for a shorter model? Less then 24 inches. If that takes less time maybe my wife will be less concerned. Thankyou for your understanding.

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