Oh dear, what else is backwards.


What I learned this weekend.

1. NEVER use a hose directly to engine. It forces water past the water pump seals into the engine. It takes 3 engine oil changes to remove it.
2. While trying to start a motor, they start easier when the throttle is not on full. IT was installed on the steering wheel upside down…argggg!!!
3. The seal in the fuel cup bowl is critical to getting fuel to the carb.
4. There is a top and bottom to motor mounts even though they will go on either way.
5. Torque the heads on these flatheads every month. Some of the head bolts were finger tight.
6. When replacing spark plug wires don’t trust anyone to do it..
7. Have great friends help that way its still fun.
8. The weeds or your bride don’t care about any of this, and they both need care as well.
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Matt how true #8 has been sense Tavares.I haven’t been allowed near my boat shop till today , I snuck out an preped the FireBall 90 for final detailing. I will truly pay dearly for Clayton NY, but oh well, the flowers will be deying, and the grass will be growing much slowerrrrr, AND I DON”T CARE!!!!I’M GOING!!
    Phil in VA.
    ps Hey thanks again for the T-shirts and give sylvia our love:)

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t you all have to do your income taxes? The crappy weather (too cold, too wet,too much pollen)forces you to spend more time on sanding and prep work. The boat doesn’t *really* have to be ready until St. Michaels in June.

    Washington, VA

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