Oh That Sinking Feeling! It's A Good Thing In Classic Boating.


Sorry for the tease. I thought hey it works for the local news why not this. And it is based on a loose truth, Sylvia was sinking. Fast. It all started with fixing the head gasket. Yes a new one, that’s a two hr job and all worked out. Although after two oil changes there is still some water in the oil. Next is the water pump. And then argggg the possibility of a cracked block, although there we signs of the damage on the head gasket. Ugh! We did get it running and since it was such a killer day we rushed over to just drop her in the water to see what happens. What could possibly go wrong? Well sinking was the last thing on our minds since everything was new and tight. But ohhhhhh, wait, the clamps on the shaft are the wrong size and were tight but not tight on the rubber. That sucker was leaking so fast that we had to get the trailer back in and lift the boat onto the trailer. Dang. You talk panic. After that was kinda fixed, to a leak kinda like a “swollen prostrate piss” type of amount as Krunch put it. We decided to move on to actually moving her. To all out astonishment she did rather well. Now of course every time I moved the throttle up she would stall. That was fun. But we did, go in a circle and came back having set out to do what we needed. SHE IS NOW WATER TESTED! Woooohoooo OK she failed, but failure is one more step to success. If I did not believe in failure I would have never started this journey I suppose.

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    woody boater says:

    HA, thats Krunch. Oh man thats great. A little breezy I suppose. We will do anything for clicks..

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