Old School Boat School Century Project.

Dean of bungs at The Old School Boat School Pat Curtin didn’t just walk a mile to school this weekend, he drove several hundred to pick up the schools 16th Century to be worked on. Here are some photos of the pick up in New York. Then off to school… in the snow… Just like in the good old days. Old School Boat School will also help you work on your own boat or has classes to teach you the old tricks of the day. As I recall Varnish was invented a gillion years ago.. so I would assume that there are some tricks of the trade from over the years. Worth the weekend course. Those of you not familiar with Pats history. Lets just say, that its the real deal, bad jokes and all…

The following are some shots of the rot.

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  1. Jim
    Jim says:


    On Tuesday August 20, 2013 I drove to Maine from upstate NY and picked-up the boat in this article, the following day I picked-up all the interior components which had been separated from the boat over 4 years ago by the previous owner. My hope is to restore the Resorter to its original state. The boat is a graduation present to myself after finally finishing my degree. Hopefully I haven’t bit off more than I can handle since this is my first wooden boat project. Suggestions on resources would be welcome

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