One Foot Shorter, With Something To Prove!

Meet Rat Rod. One mean mahogany machine. Mark McIssac of McIssac Boats added a twist on his 1936 U21. Thew caution to the wind and had some fun with his restoration. This is what it’s all about. Fun on the water. He dropped a Chris Craft 283 in, and some extra seats for the family. The three dice in the logo stand for the three deuces on the motor… ohhhhhh! Image this aqua sucker pulling up and thinking its got some dink KB in it… Ha. One look at the exhaust and things take on a new perspective. Now if he can only figure out how to peel out, that would be cool. I wonder if the shift lever has a skull with red eyes on it…. Oh yeah… Way to go Mark… Thanks for keeping it fun….

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