Please Pass The Pipe. And No Micheal Phelps Is Not Involved…


This week we have covered the former president of the ACBS, The Rudder, A fashion ad, a very cool race boat and even a toilet seat, for god’s sake whats left…. Well funny you should ask… Anyone need some 3 1/2 copper exhaust pipe? Laugh all you want til you need to find some. The only way you can get it is from a foundry, and you can’t buy it in a 2 foot size that’s for sure. So a bunch of woodyboaters are banding together and trying to score a deal on some tasty copper 3 1/2 inch pipe…. You in? If so, you can contact Fellow WoodyBoater Phil by his email shhhhhhh, I think he grows it in his basement….

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  1. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    Interesting! I too know that 3.5 is rare.
    I think some cruisers had that wierd size coming out their transoms because it was always all but impossible to find clamp-on rubber backflow flaps for those.
    Those Orange Co. Choppers guys would make 3.5 the easy way I suspect: cut down 4.0 and put the thin soldered joint down. ??

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