Save Your Fuel With STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment.


No this is not an ad. I wish! Hey Sta-Bil, send the check to the Chris Craft Club or ACBS…if you read this. Ethanol additives are reeking havoc on marine engines. The ethanol additive is not kind to engines that sit, as well as being near the water. One of the issues is water in the gas. So, this new treatment is a must and will save you countless headaches when springtime comes around. This is a new issue that the old timers are not familiar with. So if you are using the regular treatment or some secret concoction. Be warned. There’s corn in your gas tank! This stuff should help. Here is what they have to say on there web site..

How does MARINE Formula STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver work, and how is it different from Regular STA-BIL?

MARINE Formula STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment is a new, enhanced formula of STA-BIL, America’s top selling fuel stabilizer, that was designed to fight many of the unique problems related to ethanol in gasoline in the moisture-laden marine environment, and fights those problems in three ways:

  1. Fights Fuel System Deposits – Ethanol in gasoline acts as a solvent on the accumulated deposits in marine fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetors, injectors. These loosened deposits can cause engine performance problems, including hard starting, rough running and stalling. MARINE Formula STA-BIL cleans-up power-robbing deposits from carburetors, fuel injectors and intake valves to improve engine performance. MARINE Formula STA-BIL contains more than FOUR TIMES the fuel system cleaner in Regular STA-BIL – it is a Complete Fuel System Cleaner.
  2. Fights Fuel System Corrosion – Ethanol in gasoline attracts water from the moist marine air. Since virtually all marine fuel systems manufactured through 2007 vent to the air, the ethanol continually attracts water – which can cause corrosion damage to marine fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetors and injectors. MARINE Formula STA-BIL contains DOUBLE the corrosion preventer in Regular STA-BIL, to fight the unique problems of ethanol in gasoline in the marine environment, including marine fuel tanks which vent to the marine air.
  3. Fights Fuel Degradation – Pumped gasoline starts to degrade immediately. MARINE Formula STA-BIL keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months in marine gas tanks. Just like Regular STA-BIL, adding MARINE Formula STA-BIL Keeps Fuel Fresh , and eliminates the need to drain fuel prior to storage.

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