Sending Chrome To Get Done? It’s Always More Parts Than You Think.

Graves Chrome BEFORE

WECATCHEM’s dull 80 lb box of bling arrived at Graves Plating!

Over the past weeks, we have been talking about the cost of things. It’s almost impossible to answer that question in a blanket way. One huge reason is because each part, and boat is different. When you are about to send chrome out to the chrome shop, a good way to get a good estimate is to send photos and what each piece is. After all it all feels like less parts when they are on the boat. For example on WECATCHEM’s Chrome, one would think that its not a lot of parts. But when all the parts are separated its a whopper. Windshield, throttle, small hinges, its not just scoops. Below is a 19 Barrel back.

Sylvia Chrome inventory

Here is how I had Sylvia’s Chrome estimated and sent this along as inventory check list.

The good news is that they will all get done to the highest standards and last a lot longer because of the Graves way of doing things. We have used them exclusively for over 7 years. The service and end product is world class.

graves Chrome7

Every part is hand done by craftsmen with years of experience.

Graves Crome1

It’s whats done under the final finish that makes the difference.

Chrome Header

Each part is part of a bigger part! Rum Runners Chrome work is perfect!

FLA Rum Runner

Which is part of a bigger part!

You can visit Graves Plating Website here.

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  1. Picky
    Picky says:

    re: Sylvia chrome—Clever to label them “ROPE” guides, which are less expensive than “LINE” guides.

    Amazing amount of chrome on Wecatchem.

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Rod Graves has been a supporter of antique boating ever since I can remember. Not only is he a personable guy, but everyone I’ve talked to abut his work gives his company the highest ratings.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      I agree Wilson, chrome work is one of those things that you only find out you got a crap job after a year of use. Like cheap roofing. The extra work and experience is under the shine!

  3. Jim K.
    Jim K. says:

    Two years ago I met Rod Graves at the Tavares boat show. At the time I was restoring my 1954 Lyman runabout that had a grand total of 6 chrome pieces. He examined the parts, gave me a quote and took the parts with him back to his factory. I think the cost of the job was just about what my grandfather paid for the boat in 1954….INFLATION!! However, the end result was outstanding and I was treated like I had given him the biggest order of the year. I highly recommend Graves Plating for all your plating work.

  4. Red Dog
    Red Dog says:

    The bikers say: “Chrome don’t get you home” which means spend some money on reliable ignition or fuel parts”. But a woody sure does look nice with some fresh chrome.

  5. Chad
    Chad says:

    I’d like to recognize JR Custom Plating in Minnesota.

    Great service and quality and a supporter of the hobby as well. They worked magic on the chrome for my ’69 SS. Their attention to detail on pot metal parts is outstanding.

    • Jeff
      Jeff says:


      I agree that JR does some great work. I have only sent them a few parts, but they have been just perfect every time. Their are a lot more shops out their that do quality work, not just the sponsors of WoodyBoater. Seems odd that WoodyBoater has taken donations in the past to fund the page and coverage and then the select few get cut-rate prices on work by the advertisers. No wander its more affordable for them.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Totally agree Chad. Great experience with them this past winter.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some meds after seeing all the chrome on that Riva. Sheesh.

  6. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    OK, am I the only one getting sick of people complaining about what companies are featured, and what guesstimated discounts Matt receives for his work?

    People, if you do not like the topics chosen by the person responsible for this free-for-the-reader website, then put together a well-written and photographed feature that would interest someone other than yourself, and submit it. And then do another one the next day. And the day after that. Keep going for a week or two, and you will truly understand what it’s like to feed this beast on a daily basis.

    If you can’t accomplish at least a week or two of relevant, interesting topics, then stop complaining!

    As for any discounts, real or imaginary, keep in mind that the ads along the sides of these pages ARE NOT FREE. Matt would be stupid not to use the people who support this endeavor, and they appreciate the business in return for their advertising dollar.

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