So You Want an Old Wood Boat? Get This Book For Free. A $35,000 Value.


No, it’s not a signed first edition of Gone With The Wind. But it is more valuable. Lou Rauh from the Antique Boat Center in partnership with the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club put this book together. Lou is one of the nations leading experts on how to purchase and sell Antique & Classic Boats. This book is a great way to look before you leap. No one trying to sell you something, no hidden agenda. Just the objective learning’s of buying, selling and restoring thousands of Antique & Classic boats. Honestly I wish I had read it. OK, it was not out yet. But it would have saved me a small fortune. I run into folks almost every time I am out in my boat that tell me about the boat they are thinking of getting. This simple to read book is on my dash. I share it with them like a Jehovah’s Whiteness shares what ever it is that they share.

How do I get this book. Do I need to hand out roses and bang on a tambourine…No.. But you have to sign up to the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. You don’t have to shave your head or marry 25 women either… that’s a good thing… It’s easy to sign up, you can do it online. The retention rate in this organization is huge. The online forum… Boat Buzz, is bursting into the 2.0 world and very responsive. Go to the and follow the prompts. If you’re apprehensive still, contact the club and I am sure they will be glad to give you one. But don’t tell them I said so. It will be our little secret. Just between us and 1 billion people.. mmmm I wonder if it’s available in Chinese?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey there! Been reading your blog now just about every day and have made it my regular daily dose along with Don D. and CCABC. You’ve opened up a whole new way for us wooden boat nuts to interact and share information as well as get entertained all at once. I’ve never had any questions or comments…until now that is. As a current member in good standing…OK, so maybe that’s a matter of opinion, I have never seen this little book. How’d you get it? I can’t see a place on the CCABC site to order it. Not that it matters to me now. I’m already well beyond neck deep restoring a 20′ Custom. No look’n back now!!
    All kidding aside, you’re doing a great job here. Keep up the good work.
    Kerry Price

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    ThanksKerry for reading. It’s a joy to do it. We post around 7:30 in the AM most days. Keep commenting, it keeps me going. Also if you have anything to feature, like a boat or project it’s fun to talk about readers stuff.
    In regards to the book. Bill Basler will be glad to get you one. it’s used at shows to help folks get started. But to be honest i even learned something. It’s a nice thing to read or learn about with out suspecting some sort of agenda. Lou should be commended for doing this. Thanks again. Matt

  3. Sundowner
    Sundowner says:

    How do i get a book ? I’ve only been in the wooded boat business about a year and a half. I started out with a 1959 cavalier 15′. It is a great boat but three weeks ago I bought a 1960 19′ capri and am out of space. The cavalier is not atht popular but I have grown quite attached. I am 43 years old. We need to get some young guys interested. I am on Norris Lake I I think that there are only 4 wooden boats on the lake and I have two of them. Great web site.


  4. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Thanks Alan, Bill Basler at the Chris Craft Antique boat club has them. Contact him through the club web site. I am hesitant to publish his address on this because of spam. I am sure he will be glad to share. It’s all about education. If you can’t find him email me through the contact item at the bottom of the home page and i will get you his email. Thanks again. Matt

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