“Thayer IV 1460 Will Be In The Water All Done By The Sunnyland ACBS Show!” Seth Katz.

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Thayer IV U22 1460 stripped of her parts and ready for her resto/ preservation

Oh, boy… Dust off your anonymous business cards.. Cause you may need them.. HA.. Today marks the day that Thayer IV 1460 the main picture boat/ barn find of the decade officially goes under the knife. We have been reporting on Mariah.. It aint pretty.. Now Thayer starts here winter journey into a life transformation as planned. Katz’s Marina, the official Woody Boater choice for the restoration laid down the gauntlet. “Mariah and Thayer IV will be in the water and riding around, by Lake Dora!” Thats what Seth said, and he is gonna try like H. E. Double hockey sticks to pull it off… Will he? Can it be done.. Two complete restorations/ preservations in 6 months.. We will find out.. And along the way, report on it.. The plan is to preserve as much as humanly possible. As much wood as can be used will be used, dents, all the details that are on the boats and used in the film will be preserved. So, let the countdown start.. We will have one heck of a party in Tavares..

Can it be done in time?

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  1. anonomous
    anonomous says:

    No. Personal opinion of the barnfinders counts here. It should read “the MAIN Thayer IV MCDLX”.

    Oh no. They are going to use and preserve as much wood, dents and details used in the film. That’s what the 1802 guy did and some think he wrecked it.

    O Well. Have fun again Mr. Woody……

  2. Rigel Spomaine
    Rigel Spomaine says:

    Hopefully the attempt to meet the deadline won’t jeopardize the restoration quality. Haste makes waste. Under promise and over deliver–lets wait and see.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Anything Seth and his team does will be expertly executed. That’s a given. So there will be no disappointments at Dora with these two boats. Which means there will be no surprises either.

    Now, what WOULD surprise and impress me would be if he showed up with a restored Henry Fonda.

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