The New Classic Boating Magazine Is Here! Joe Martel Aint Gonna Be Happy!

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Waiting in the mailbox for me was my latest issue of classic boating magazine. All wrapped up. It’s the same feeling I used to have when I would see a copy of playboy. Man times have changed. But I suppose either way wood is involved, so all is right in the world… This issue though has an interesting story in it. And Joe Martell, the author that attacked the young researchers that use photos to do there research is going to have something to say for sure. In fact it was in Classic Boating that Mr Martell took them to task. So here we have a story from Don Danenberg, using interviews and…. gasp! photos to do research…By the way. A great article if you are into plank intstilation and the correct way to fit a joint…zzzzzzz….. sorry…. were was I….All kidding aside. If you are restoring a boat right now, it’s a must read. There is also more to the story on the Chris Craft Boat Buzz under the heading, “Cadillac plant. Click here. Anyway. It’s a great issue and worth picking up a copy just for the photos and detailed restoration of a very cool Century 1955 Coranado with a Hemi.. It’s as close to a centerfold as you are gonna see. As well as depression era ads, and a cool story on a 1939 19 ft custom dug out of the deep.

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    • Texx
      Texx says:

      BT – They don’t have a website so if you want to subscribe you have to phone them or send them a letter.
      Classic Boating Magazine
      280 Lac La Belle Dr, Oconomowoc, WI 53066
      (262) 567-4800

  1. Alan Amerian
    Alan Amerian says:

    Hi, I used to subscribe to your magazine many years ago and loved it. I’m ready to sell my beloved steam launch
    SS San Joaquine. It’s 27 1/2 feet, beautifully constructed and maintained. I’m wondering if the want adds in the back of your magazine would be a good outlet to find a potential buyer.

    Alan Amerian

  2. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen says:

    Could not find the article in Boat Buzz about the Cadillac plant that is mentioned above, especially since that is the plant were my boat was built and I live about 2 hours away form it. Can you help further.

  3. reddog
    reddog says:

    Alen American. You must be mistaken about ” the magazine” woodyboater never had a magazine. I think you might be referring to Wooden Boat mag. I hoped you liked this website. Many people do. please come back to read it ( even if you no longer own the SS San Joaquine).

  4. Darren Hettiger
    Darren Hettiger says:

    Hi, I have been trying to collect information on a boat that was launched in 1903 with the name “Silver Spray” (27 ft, 3ft & 10in beam)in Algoma Wisconsin built by Frank”Barney” Urbanek. This great man was my great grand father, I only have 1 article from the local news paper in Algoma. Living in Australia makes it a bit difficult to reach ever with Internet. Could you give me any hints or directions on where to look? Thanks Darren

  5. Chip
    Chip says:


    I am trying to locate some information on a boat that I recently purchased. It is a DuCraft Waterbug Wooden Cabin Cruiser. From what I have found so far, it looks like it was manufactured in the 50’s in Port Orange, Fl. Does anyone know anything about these? I would love to be able to restore this boat. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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