The Restoration Of Presidential Yacht Honey Fitz.


I can't even afford the tarps. Dear god!

This Presidents Day, we take time to honor our past presidents. Yes, that’s right. all the past presidents that we used to have before we used them all on a restoration. You guessed it. Dead presidents, cash, moola.. And  just when you thought that that $50,000 bottom job was a killer. Let me take give you a quick reminder that no matter how much of a boat you have, there is always someone bigger and more deep into it than you. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater, David Konick we can see such a restoration event. David did a drive by shooting. (Camera in hand) of Morres Marine in Fla. And there she was, the Honey Fitz the other Presidential Yacht. The other one Sequoia is here in DC..  And we chose today to share the love. She is a 92 footer, weighs 88 tons, built in 1931 by Defoe Boat Works in Bay City Michigan. Her complete owner history can be found here on the JFK website. Here are some images from Davids visit. Oh and they are just 2 million into the restoration… 2 more to go. OUCH!  In the grand scheme of things though a bargain. $4 million to restore a part of American History and a wonderful water craft is actually reasonable. And beyond a worthy cause. Our hats off to the team making this happen. So no jokes about renaming it the Money Fitz. OK I just did..  Or its a Honey Pit.. Sorry.. Or… ya have to admit. Money Fitz is funny.. I suppose its an old worn out joke at the marina..

More side shots. I cant afford the scaffolding either.

Presidential logo.

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    I am just happy to drool over the images. Dang! If you are going to have yacht, this is the way to go. Thank god for folks that can restore such a thing, and do it. And a bigger thanks to the folks at moors marine who took the leap over 25 years ago to make a go of saving these boats.

  2. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    President Kennedy and his brother Bob owned Century speedboats. John owned a 1961 Century Resorter 17′ and Bobby owned a 1962 Century Coronado 21′ I have seen photos and video of the Resorter…

    President Johnson wanted a Century but the company would not give him one for free… He ended up getting a free boat from Glasstron.

  3. Chad
    Chad says:

    Maybe if I won the Mega Million Jackpot.

    Those things are like the Chicago Skyway project. Once you finish construction on one end, it’s time to begin again on the other.

  4. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Did you see that Jim Moores started in his family’s Lyman. One of his original inspirations, “how were they put together”?

  5. Irene Jenkins Croushorn
    Irene Jenkins Croushorn says:

    My uncle was Joe Keating. I look back on all the family events Uncle Joe had on the Honey Fitz and I consider myself so lucky to have spent time on her. I remember crusing around the Statute of Liberty on the 4th of July and when the Honey Fitz came back to Washington DC up the Potomac River. Uncle Joe was so proud of the decorating and furnishing of the Honey Fitz. When first purchased, my dad, Charles Jenkins, helped Uncle Joe bring the boat up to Connecticut. I’m glad to see the refurbishment. Uncle Joe is smiling from above.

  6. Christina (Vollmer) Esposito
    Christina (Vollmer) Esposito says:

    My Uncle Walter Vollmer (now deceased) was the Captain of the USS Honey Fitz during the Kennedy Administration. He shared many personal stories with us about his life and times with the Kennedys; truly a rare glimpse of history. Walter Vollmer was also crew member and a survivor of the USS Oklahoma that was destroyed at Pearl Harbor. He was an amazing man of courage and integrity. It would be an honor to share his photos for your Honey Fitz restortation.
    Christina (Vollmer) Esposito
    Highlands Ranch, Colorado

    • Shelia McGuckin
      Shelia McGuckin says:

      Christina,I am the daughter of Walts first wife, Mary. My cousin came across your story on the Honeyfitz site. I remember Walts family. I assume that Leonard Vollmer is your father. There was another brother,Jerry. And I knew Walts mother,and stepfather,Maurice. I heard the stories about Pearl Harbor,and how he had to swim under burning oil to get away from the ship. Walt and mom were divorced in 1976(?) mom has passed away also.would like to be in touch with you.

  7. Andrea and John Hogan
    Andrea and John Hogan says:

    Today Dec 3,2012 on Biscayne Bay, at approximately 0900 we passed the beautiful Honey Fitz on our port side. What a marvel of vision. Spotted the presidential seal before her proud name on her stern. It is a good day on the waterways of America. Writing from motor yacht First Class

  8. Michael
    Michael says:

    Wow, I was just on break at the Landing in Jacksonville, FL and what did I see. The Honey Fitz. What a yacht, loved seeing it and being close to it. I loved the Kennedy’s and this yacht is One Beautifully Restored Historical Yacht. Thanks for having it visit Jacksonville.

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