The “Trusty W” Starts!

W start 1

The art of the start!

It happened, you may have felt the movement in the force yesterday. The “Trusty W” did what she has been doing for over 67 years. Started right on Que. The fantastic folks at VanNess have been working hard to make the big Lake Dora deadline and its looking good. We will be heading up this week to install the Trusty W and water testing. Today we are painting the bilge and getting all her other details ready for the big week in Florida. Just 12 days! Yikes.

W Start header

Running like a sewing machine. A big block sewing machine.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Congrats Matt. The old W is new again and waiting to be reunited with Wecatchum!

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It’s sort of what you would expect to happen when you have an experienced person like Dave Nan Ness in charge of rebuilding a “W”, or any other engine. WE HAVE LIFTOFF !!! The infamous words of TV announcers when a manned spacecraft was launched at Cape Canaveral in the 60’s as though they were expecting (or hoping for) something else. It was built with confidence by experts. Of course it was going to lift off. And I’m sure that Dave was confident that that “W” would start on the first crank, as it did come to life.

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    What kind of carb. is on the W? It looks like the same one that is on my TE20 Ferguson tractor. M&M

  4. Thomas tetrault
    Thomas tetrault says:

    Beautiful.. Years ago I started my 58 kfl same way just sitting on garage floor water gas hooked up. So fun!!

  5. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    Wow that old W looks and sounds crazy smooth and vintage throaty ( not as good as an o’l hemi mind you, but pretty darn close), better yet, seems that Herculean beast has been cured of its odious drooling problem , no more hot oil smoke aroma and tar pond in the bilge, a treat WECATCHUM (and crew) ought to be ecstatic about.

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