The Wooden Runabout Company.


Great website, Great guys, Great boats. Fun site to visit. Tons of photos on some very cool one of a kind boats. And … dear god they have a blog!

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  1. Chad Durren
    Chad Durren says:

    My '52 Sportsman is there getting a total makeover. Their skill and knowledge turn out amazing, show-stopping results. It helps that are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet. A perfect shop all around. Kirk, Mike & Todd are the best. Thanks!

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    That is what I hear from some others as well. These sorts of comments really help. There are horror stories all time, and its a crap shoot when you have no idea who to hand over your dream to. I am planning on doing a story on this very issue. It’s a huge one in the classic boat community. I my self have fallen prey to some bad choices. This forum is a perfect place to make such comments. The interesting thing though, is that it’s such a nice group of folks in this passion, they don’t want to talk negatively about anyone, and are scared of repercussions. So the cycle of rip off artists continues. I suppose every category of hobby has the same issues. It’s just compounded with a wooden boat, because of all the emotion tied up in them. So my hats off to the good guys, and from what I have heard. The good guys are winning. Thanks Chad..

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