Vintage New Life Vests. It's About Time!


Thank god, someone has done this for the community. Thanks to luxury water Gear you can now be sport’n a life jacket that fits your boat…OK not cheap for sure, but a must. Here is the description form there web site.

Exclusively designed for Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club members with special attention to detail to preserve the integrity of the original design. These modernized replicas are filled with dense flotation foam rather than cork used in the originals. Each vest is constructed with a waterproof fabric used in many of the finest Coast Guard approved floatation devices. Life vests are light and individually crafted to your size and display a “personally made for (your name)” hand sewn tag.

Tell them Woody Boater sent you and get nothing off. Sorry. MAybe when some FOLKS in Wyoming start reading, I can have some clout!. The good news is that if you mention the Chris Craft Club, some of the sale goes to them. Wooohoo!