WECATCHEM’s Engine Is Headed To New Jersey!

Wecatchem Engine Pull3

Patrick helps guide the engine out.

Well, we did it, we had our last gasp this past weekend here in Virginia, and decided to run the fun out of old WECATCHEM, which she was happily ready to do. No issues, she just likes to stink up the boat, and looses oil by the quart every two fill ups. So she is headed to Katz’s Marina and Van Ness Engineering to do there magic. We are set to be ready for a fun Lake Dora trip, in the spring. And many fun trips to New Jersey over the winter.

Wecatchem Engine Pull1

Jimmy had her all ready to go. Time to get engine cleared and out 55 minutes!

Wecatchem Engine Pull5

ya gotta love a big John Deere tractor! This was all done Southern Style on the farm. Pull 160 horses out, then go out and feed the cows!

Wecatchem Engine Pull 6

Patrick and Little Maggie standing watch. Maggie is a wonderful Border Collie that brightens all our days!

The engine will be completely rebuilt with new custom pistons and rings that have already been ordered. She is to be rebuilt to factory correct appearance and remain a stock “W”. As part of our Prerestoric journey, a reliable engine is a big deal.  Thanks to Jim Scott, and Patrick for doing the hard lifting.  Stay tuned for other cool boats headed to the restoration world this winter. …and next week, LAST GASP!

1948 Chris Craft 25 Sportsman 34

WECATCHEM last weekend on the Great Wicomico River, and I am holding back some of the killer shots for Last gasp Week. Are you?

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  1. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    Someone tell us the story of the “Ws”. Where are they in the CC progression of engines? Aren’t they pretty much near the end of CC designed & built engines? Just about the last ones prior to the V8 craze?

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      As I understand it the W has a long history with HP up to 200 on the WB model.

      It is a Hercules block marinized by CC. Very similar to the M series engines only bigger.

      Greg we never actually weighed mine, but with the reduction gear we guessed it was 1500 + lbs.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It’s really nice to have friends like Jimmy and Patrick. I’m really impressed with what I think is Jimmy’s barn. Looks like you could store a bunch of boats in there and still have a barn dance!

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    A “W” from my pathetic understanding is the Big Block version of the “K” series. It has the most wonderful sound one can imagine. I like it because of its innocence. Sounds like a strange term for an engine. But it is very simple and not all tweaked out. I like that on WECATCHEM. As to the hull numbers. Thats a story into itsself.. Maybe tomorrow. Never waste a story idea around here. Its a LOOOONG winter..

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Dave will be calling you Jim, right now the plan is to go with Arias Pistons in California. The Engine will be in New Jersey in two weeks.

  4. Jack
    Jack says:

    We plan a ride on Lake Lanier tomorrow in our 1948 black side Shepherd. Hopefully not our last gasp, but will make the most of it just in case.

  5. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Jim Staib’s stock pistons are the only pistons for a Hercules I’ve never heard complaints about.

  6. Chris
    Chris says:

    Glad I got the jump on Matt.

    Shipped my Capri’s KBL to Van Ness 2 weeks ago, it arrived on the 9th.

    Admittedly she looks a little tired, after sitting in a garage for 37 years.

    Local NASCAR guy suggested the good old boy method “Let’s crank her and see if she’ll fire up”. But I decided that since she’s a little tight, (turns but not entirely smooth) I’d rather have David Van Ness take a more knowledgeable approach.

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