Will Someone Please Buy This 1929 Hutchinson 44' Classic Wooden Boat


Another whacked eBay special. It has some bids on it, but if this thing sits around any longer its gonna get turned into another side yard freak show. Here is the description and link. UPDATE. NOT SOLD AGAIN. Bidding stopped at 10K… UPDATE 2.. Read Comments. Look’n good…

This boat served from 1929-1950 in Alexandria Bay in the ‘Thousand Island Region’ of the St.Lawrence river as the ‘Commander’. It was then transported to Lake Placid NY and renamed ‘The Lady of the Lake’ where it served from 1950 to 2007. She was scheduled to be launched this spring and continue to be used as a tour boat as it has every year since 1950 but the NYS regulations for tour boats became so stringent that the number of passengers she could legally carry made it non-profitable. It was decided over the winter that she was not going back in the water and that is the reason she is now being offered for sale. The boat is in good condition and ready for used immediately. It has a Chrysler engine. The trailer comes with the boat but is only a yard trailer. The buyer would have to supply a trailer to move it over the road. The is in a garage where it has been stored for the winter. The boat is made of cedar on the outside and mahogeny on the inside. This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of real Adirondack history.
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  1. Dawsongrant98
    Dawsongrant98 says:

    Just a note about this boat. I am leaving tomorrow (August 26th 08) to go pick it up! As long as things go as planned it will be sitting next to Riva #125 from Mt Dora this weekend! With further luck it will be on the Eustis, Fl. waterfront permanently. Watch for more pictures.

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Way to go. it was killing me to see this sit on eBay. Hopefully it will be at the Mt Dora show in the spring!…Just another retired new yorker moving to FLA…. Make sure you drive her down real slow, weave in traffic and leave the left blinker on… HA… Good luck.

  3. Scott
    Scott says:

    Should be an interesting trip! Richard Arnold is coming along to help. I had a 45′ aluminum trailer made for her. Including my F350 Crew Cab Long Bed we will be around 70′ give or take! Trip pictures will follow.

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