Win All Your Chris-Craft Arguments With One Push Of This Button.

One of the charms of these classic boats that we love so much, is that each boat was, and is a work of art as much as a mass produced vehicle for use in the water. For every argumant about work standards and design elements there are exceptions. “Well in this photo it says it suposed to be like this” and then some body chimes in.. “Well I worked at the plant, and let me tell you that it was not that way” And then a restorer says. “Hey I don’t care what you say, I have an nail here were there is supposed to be a screw, and I am the first to touch this boat”… the debates are endless, and will be forever… Now, if you are like me, and all you have is… well nothing…and don’t have a weapon in your arsinal of back up for that dry wall screw holding down a cleet. You can now, thanks to eBay, whip out your Chris-Craft Corp VISITOR button and go at it..” Well, you see when I bought this boat at the plant I demanded dry wall screws from Home Depot to be used on the boat.” and since you have the visitor button, you have proof! That’s it, no Danenbergs, Nelsons, McCalls, no Ayers… Robinsons… even Herb Pocklington can’t ague with you… The button is all powerful because YOU WERE THERE….. All they have is years of experience…you my friend have a visitor button and 2 days left on eBay… Click on the button and it will take you there.. See it’s already is working for you..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Button is also a statement of our stewardship of these boats. Some were around before me and hopefully mine will be around long after I'm gone. I'm just the current visitor.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Thanks, Rick, and also thanks to you, WoodyBoater. Documenting the history of just how these boats were built is challenging, interesting, controversial, frustrating and yet fun at the same time. Something is always turning up that doesn't follow the pattern, it's the constant search and research that sometimes isn't agreed on by all that makes it worth the time and energy to keep trying to find the answers. Patterns are developing.

    Thanks to all the names you included plus the others that didn't get honorable mention that keep searching for the history and promoting the preservation of this history. Without their commitment it would otherwise be gone before we realize it.

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