Woody Boat Of The Month. John Ford Custom, Purdy Design Race Boat.


Forget how jaw dropping beautiful this boat is. Look at the engine! Holey Cow! I have seen this boat in person at lake Dora… By the way that show is only about 30 days away… make your plans!…..Sorry… and it has been used countless times in some of my stories as a back drop. And here it is for sale at Antique Boat Center. Unfortunately these images do not do this boat justice. It’s amazing, I wish furniture looked this good. And it’s all custom made, you would clearly be the king of any water you are on. There should be speakers blaring bad to the bone every time you start the engine. The Jaguar engine, one of sweetest sounding engines on the planet earth by the way. Lets just hope that the Lucas electric part of that story stayed out of the deal! Here is the listing just in case you want to take the fantasy to the next step. Warning after that, it gets expensive… but worth it.

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  1. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    It’s a shame most of the race boats did not survive, but i suppose they were built for one thing, one year, and that was that..

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