Woody Boater Of The Month. Dale Kocian Of Kocian Intruments.


It’s that time of year. You have everything in place for the launch of your classic boat in the spring. And you need to get the gauges done. But, as you start shopping around, you come to find that it can take up to a year to get the gauges done. And in one case you find a bitter person on the other end of the line telling you what a pain it is, and yada yada. Not with Dale Kocian. In fact he could not be more helpful and fast. With amazing show quality work, and 100% satisfaction. Dale will be able to deliver your shiny new gauges in 2 weeks to 90 days, Depending on work load and need. I had my gauges done and Dale was amazing. I also see him at all the major shows. And it’s a joy to just sit and chat. He is a true positive asset to the Classic boat hobby. So next big show, stop by and say hi. www.ccgauges.com