Woody Boater Of The Month. Joe Martell.

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No one has done more to move the Antique & Classic boat community to action more than Joe Martell this month. He has brought a behind the scenes ugly argument in the Antique & Classic boat community to the for front. Joe is the DB Cooper of the Classic Boating world. The mystery of him is much stronger than the reality. The phantom nature of this keeps the argument from attacking one person and keeps the debate focused on the issue of Preservation vs Restoration. For that, we thank Mr Martell

But it is not going to detere us at Woody Boater to find out more. We are hot on the trail and have some leads. We have also brought in a forensic artist, to do a composite drawing based on what we know.

We know he is old. By referring to 40 old’s as young, Its clear that Joe has some patina on him.. With that said though, he is very neat and takes care of himself, so he is well groomed. Might even have had plastic surgery. Remember, if it’s old and worn out, replace it. He has a beard. Why? Because it covers a weak jaw from being hit in the head by angry youngsters. You see Mr Martell isn’t the most tact full of fellows. He may also wear an eye patch. Mostly because he only sees things one way, his way, Or a chemical spill from some sort of concoction he was mixing up in the shop to save wood.

If you see Mr Joe Martell, please use caution, he has forestry products knowledge and is willing to use them. He also has a pen that is indeed mightier than the sword. Do not take it upon yourself to confront him. He is well equipped with knowledge and a loaded varnish brush.

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