10 Days – Getting Ready For Algonac


Yes, we have a screw loose, actually many were loose. Wayne getting Stinky ready

It’s hot, muggy, a reminder that Michigan is the place to be. Algonac in a week ish. We are also thrilled to announce that Wayne and George Butler will be joining me and Stinky for the trip. You may not see Wayne but look at your photos after the show. Trust me, he will somehow be there. It’s his special power, and even he doesn’t know how it happens.

George Butler

Also George Butler is bringing his life long passion with him to see how it was all done up in Michigan. Funny thing that the Butler family has been building boats just as long as the CC Smiths and Woods, and still doing so. It’s cool to bring those two universes together.

Stinkys Rudder had issues. Thanks to Jim Staib, he had a replacement, and Stinky now doesnt leak. Like Bone dry.

I had to sand Stinkys transom from some scars in the barn. I will be relettering her today. B just sitting there waiting for Mr B to be able to master his wood working skills.

And Stinky just wants to have a drink in the waters of her birth. And me? Well, I get to catch up with so many friends and just feel that feeling of being in the exact place in the universe I want to be in.

Mr B will be staying home. if it was a one day trip.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    The Michigan gang is very busy with the final preparations and really looking forward to seeing their special Virginia WoodyBoater guests. I hope George can meet some of the local boat builders. Weather forecast is looking like dry and low 80’s with 5 – 10 breeze. Woohoo!


    Yes the Algonac show is special …..even to us locals. It started out as an “old “boat picnic at one of our ACBS Michigan members’ waterfront canal homes in Algonac in the late 70’s. It got so BIG and popular that we just ran out of room. One of Michigan members, Pete Beauregard, had just purchased the “old” Chris Craft Plant and offered to host the show. And that’s how it all began from Where it all Began. And yes I did coin the phrase, but neglected to trade mark it…….Damn!
    I think Molly-O has been in every Algonac Show and is currently being “cleaned” up for its reunion with the little Stinker.

  3. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    No need to worry about flushing your engine after the show – just take it out to the St. Clair river and run it a couple of minutes and it’s all taken care of with some very clean fresh water. Watch out for the lake freighters though – they are some big mothers.

  4. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    I can’t wait to see you guys in person! If it weren’t for all the flooding at the cottage over the past few years, I would open up the place for you to stay. Next year we should have it habitable again.

      ART ARMSTRONG says:

      Steve, is your cottage just across the river from Decker’s?
      We Have a shakedown cruise wed afternoon to the new restaurant on the bay.

      • Steve Anderson from Michigan
        Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

        No, it’s down by walkers landing. I am waiting to get my boat in the water, just a few more details. Mounted the prop and found that the shaft was too long and the prop hit the rudder. Stupid problems!

  5. Jim Holller
    Jim Holller says:

    Thank you for showing my boat in the header today, haven’t been able to use it the last few years but hope to freshen it up over this coming year and get it to some shows in 2023.

  6. Bryan Crutchfield in Michigan
    Bryan Crutchfield in Michigan says:

    I hope to see you guys there and have a chat. My first boat show since I bought my boat last September. Thanks for the occasional advice during that process Greg. Wayne Everso got her ready to go to the show for me yesterday. I’ll be there for the Friday and Sunday cruises as well.

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