10 Days, The Big Countdown Is Here, Are You Going There?


It’s officially the big countdown 10 Days. 10 Days til sunshine, summer, and boating with friends. Towing in, being towed in, over eating, over everything..ing. Of course its all hands on deck getting ready, but man oh man it’s all worth it. Some Jersey Skiffs were spotted on I (5 a couple days ago, which is ALWAYS a positive sign. BTW, they were on Trailers. Not ripping along the freeway. COME ON.. Although, its not they are really in the water much. Any way, today is 10, or 9 plus some hrs. Get your sun screen out.

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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I am flying down Thursday. Long drive for you Jim, take care. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new.

    John in Va.

      • Steve Anderson from Michigan
        Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

        And yet it posts correctly. Odd.

        Safe travels to all of you and I am looking forward to some pictures. This show always coincides with my wife’s birthday, and she made it clear that I need to make other plans! 🙂

        • Reddog
          Reddog says:

          Just say… Hey Honey how about a trip to Fla. for your Birthday 🎉🎂 ….. But…. You know its gonna cost ya big time.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Safe travels & sunny boating to all headed to that party! Hope to make that trip some day. Perhaps when Crew Chief & I are too old to be on track & over the wall. Headed back to Nation Corvette Museum Motorsports Park – 120hp FWD MINI does shine when the track is almost “boatable”!

    • Art
      Art says:

      Cool car Kelly……looks like fun.
      I have had a very close connection to the Nation Corvette Museum, but not the MSP as it was added after my involvement. I was involved in the museum as the General Motors reprehensive on the NCM board.
      Unfortunately the idea of a Corvette research LIBRARY and ARCHIVE never quite materialized and it became a commercial entity and I therefore lost interest.

      • Kelly Wittenauer
        Kelly Wittenauer says:

        It’s a shame that they didn’t include a library & archive – seems to me that would have made the museum more interesting & useful. Have to admit, that as someone only moderately interested in Corvettes, I’ve only been to the museum once – during our 1st trip to the track.

  3. Terry Fiest
    Terry Fiest says:

    The 43rd Home coming and the Family reunion is rapidly approaching. Certainly look forward to seeing all of you. The welcome mat is out. Safe travels to all of you.


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