10, Ten, Diez, Dix, عشرة, Sampu, Dieci, Zehn, десять Days Until Lake Dora!

Cobra 10The official 10 day countdown starts today. Thats right in 10 Days the big show starts. Now for many of us, the week of the event is the real start, so its more like 5 Days. But to be consistent with the past years, it’s officially 10, unless you are going to the Vintage Races, in which case its less. Bottom line, if you are not ready this weekend or next. You better get to it. Chop chop. Just think, in 10 days you will be blasted with exhaust, fresh varnish and the sweet smell of Chicken on a stick! mmmmmmmmm

FLA FRI chicken

Mmmm festival food!

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  1. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    We are so ready for Chicken on a stick, They also have good corn dogs and sweet tea, It cant get much better with all the old boats around you and sunshine for a few days to reset the mind every year.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I have about 20 days of work to get done before departing after losing half of last week to a wind storm. Oh, and we have a blizzard in the forecast for tonight through Wednesday. This should be fun!

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    Yea. Whenever they stop prediction snow totals and go with “12 plus” and 60 MPH winds you know you are screwed.

  4. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Looking out the window of my hotel in Woodbridge VA it is sunny and beautiful today.

    Walked next door to have dinner at Hooters last night, going to visit Dr. VP Larry Jamieson in Wilmington NC for a couple of nights starting tonight and than I expect to be on the St. Johns Thursday for a whole week.

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    yep, like Troy said, pleasant chilly weather in Va this past weekend….I went boating….guess know that is why he bypassed me on the way through????
    see you/him in Tavares….
    John in Va.

  6. John A Gambill
    John A Gambill says:

    Snowing here in Hillsdale Mi now, could get 4 to 6 inches in the next 24hrs. Pulled the boat out of storage Saturday am to prep and cover for the long drive to Florida. She siting outside covered with snow but its light and easy to broom of, not a problem. Really looking forward to this event, see you all soon.

    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      Hillsdale! Home of the Chargers! We at Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, KY, will be welcoming Hillsdale into the Great Midwest Athletic Conference next year. I shoot all the sports photos for KWC, so will likely see the Chargers visit in several sports next year.

      We also have some longtime friends, a family in which most of the members played sports for Hillsdale. Bonnie and Gary Stewart, who live in Sturgis, MI. Good people!

      Isn’t there an ACBS show near you this summer?

      • John A Gambill
        John A Gambill says:

        Closest ACBS event is about 50 miles away put on by the Indiana Chapter at Lake Wawasee Indiana, a two day event in June, a beautiful venue. Look it up on the calendar of events ACBS wed site.
        Yes we are the home of the amazing Hillsdale College Chargers! Doctor Larry Arnn and wife and many of the staff attend church with us every Sunday, great people to say the least and a wonderful school. They for sure will be a credit to your conference and you are fortunate to have them.
        See you in Florida!

        • Rob
          Rob says:

          Wow, my daughter, all the way from Washington state is a proud graduate from Hillsdale College in bio chemistry. Amazing school, go Chargers!

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