10 Ways To Enjoy The Clayton Auction This Saturday..

Now is the time to look into your dream boat.

Ahhhhhhh, more cool boats.. And with.. or without a reserve! I swear, this is going to be one of those days. There i will be with gas money to get home, and deals aplenty.. Now, here are some tips on making this more fun and a way to get a real deal.

1. Bring a trailer.. and for gods sake hide it at the hotel.. Don’t give away your desire to make sweet love to that boat.. Boats with OUT trailers sell for less.. How are you going to get it home honey? is a real deal killer, especially if the old ball and chain is there.. ( “Ball and chain” can refer to a husband as well…otherwise known as a BALLS and Chain) The voice of logic and reason has no place in this hollow ground of the classic boat.. Stay home and watch golf if you are logical..and boring.

2. Have a survey done on the boat you want.. or at least have someone there with you to go through the boat that knows there stuff.. No not Lenny your plumber..You are going to be an emotional wreck, you need counseling.. And yes its all your mothers fault.

3. Research what these boats are going for on the market. NOT what folks are asking, but what they are selling for. There is a HUGE difference.

4. Take the price of the boat and separate the price of a trailer, cover.. etc, so you know what you are getting. Trailers are around 3-9 grand. I have bought boats just for the trailer …..

5. Google the boat. you may be surprised to see that boat in other areas and you can piece together info on it.

6. Drink a ton of beer, get drunk and bid your home for a fixer upper.. PLEASE. Nothing is more entertaing than a guy paying 100K for a $5K boat.. You will want to get sick in the morning.. but we will have a story that lasts for years.. Especially when we see it on eBay in a week for $5K..

7. Know who you are bidding against. If it’s someone that’s all emotional about the boat, like it was his grandfathers.. Stay back.. it’s gonna go big.

8. Have a budget and stick with it. Really. Consider all the expenses. Like, does it need a bottom.. Rule of thumb, $1,000 a foot.. Add in another $5K for no reason other than thats what it cost..And another $10K just because Chrome, interior…yada yada.. Motor. $5-10K depending on the motor… Do the math so you know what you are really buying. A $5K boat could be $35K in a nano second..

9. There are deals to be made at this auction and some very very very fun boats.. have fun..You are going to do it yourself.. have at it, you want a certain boat. Great.. this is a fun event and a ton of good folks are around to help..

10. DO NOT BID AGAINST ME! I have $100 bucks burning a hole in my pocket.. If I don’t eat on the drive up there…

You can click here if you have yet to go to the auction site and have fun dreaming..

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  1. Mark Krzyzanowski
    Mark Krzyzanowski says:

    Boats are moving into the yard and things are coming together…we’re getting excited over here!

  2. matt
    matt says:

    That is so cool. Could you please hide the owens cruiser.. behind a tree.. That one has my name all over it.. My name is not Owen though

  3. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    If I had a place to put it, I would own that Owens. So dont worry I wont bid against you.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Number 8 was the best and most accurate piece of advice ever posted in the wooden boat hobby/lifestyle.

    As for trailers, I have one that is good for anything up to about 20 feet and 3500 lbs I will sell for less than $3k, maybe less than $1k if you catch me in a good mood. It is near Rochester NY, so on the way for someone coming from the west and not to far out of the way if you are coming from the south. If you mention Woodyboater when you call, I’ll give you a special deal and knock another $200 off if you take the boat that is on it with you.

  5. Michael Forshaw
    Michael Forshaw says:

    This is going to be a great opportunity…..there so many awesome boats with no reserve…there will be a lot of happy people at the end of the day! And I have a feeling it will be the buyers who will be happy!!!

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