15th Annual Spring Lake Wooden Boat Show a Success

The Crime tape adds a certain touch of detail

Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Dennis Mykols for sending us in this report from Spring Lake. And get this.. NO CAPTIONS.. Oh sorry Dennis… Here goes.

I call this, The Race… From the picnic table! First one on the Card table wins!

It was a perfect weather day and the crowds came out in force. This year there was something vintage for everyone; from Classic Wooden, Fiberglass and Aluminum Boats, Antique Outboard Motors, to vintage Tractors and new this year, vintage Bicycles.
There were 40 classic boats on land and in the water this year, with a surprising number of outboard boats, which made the judges pull their hair out, trying to pick the winner in that class.



BEST OUTBOARD: Going Steady, 1962 Cruisers Inc, Michael and Melissa Fairchild, Hamilton, MI

BEST NON-POWER: Pink Skiff, 8’ dingy, Aubrey Edwards, Grand Haven, MI

BEST INBOARD 18’ AND UNDER: Second Love, 1960 Chris Craft Continental 18, Ed Fairchild, Holland, MI

BEST INBOARD OVER 18’ Abigail, 1954 Chris Craft Holiday 24, Mike Poort, Grand Haven, MI

BEST LAPSTRAKE INBOARD: Sweet Dreams, 1958 Century Raven 22, Blair Sweet, Holland, MI

BEST CONTEMPORARY: Sapelli, 2017 Dan Paul mid-ride 19 runabout, Dan Paul, Grand Rapids, MI

BEST CENTURY: Sweet Dreams, 1958 Century Raven 22, Blair Sweet, Holland, MI

CLASSIC GLASS: Bud’s Fantasy, 1969 Chris Craft Lancer 23, Eric Jensen, Spring Lake, MI

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: 1964 Cruiser’s Inc. 17, Dale VanEck, Grand Haven, MI

CAPTAIN’S CHOICE: 1956 Cadillac Seville (Aluminum) 17, Dennis Thimm

BEST OF SHOW: Abigail, 1954 Chris Craft Holiday 24, Mike Poort, Grand Haven MI

SHERIFF’S AWARD: Odyssea II, 1947 Chris Craft Rocket 17, Mark Smith, Holland MI

BEST FIBERGLASS/Roger Pacina Sponsor Award: 1967 Buehler Craft, Turbocraft 18,
Tom and Pat Clark, Grand Haven, MI

Dennis… THUMB! These kids have there 15 seconds of fame, and we see Dennis thumb..


Once again, the Show organizers teamed up with Hagerty Insurance and the Lake Shore Big Brothers Big Sisters for the Youth Judging Program. We had three “Littles” as judges this year.
The three award winners as picked by the Youth Judges were;
Third Place; Jeff Reynolds’ GW Invader two-seater outboard,
Second Place; Casey De Hollander’ Hot Wood Drag Boat,
First place; Dan Paul’ Hand built Outboard Runabout.

The Featured boats this year were boats made in Holland, MI. This was to honor Water Wonderland Chapter Member Geoffrey Reynolds, who has just published a book, titled ” Boats made in Holland – A Michigan Tradition”. Jeff was on hand signing books, and was gracious enough to donate a signed copy to each of the Youth Judges.


The three “Made in Holland, Michigan Boats” on display were A Slick Craft, a Mac Bay and a Skipper Craft.

I know that engine sure isn’t a local engine!

Cadillac is a Michigan boat

The Wolverine Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club came out in force once again with many rare and running vintage motors, and Donuts, a lot of Donuts for all! What I like about this group, is each motor has a placard, with facts and history on each motor. It allows the spectators to learn more of the history and hobby.

It’s a outboard palooza.. No?

Is that guy on the left praying to that outboard?

The Antique Farm Power Club brought out a couple of vintage tractors and motors that ran all day. This cross-marketing effort helps both clubs to promote their events.

Dang! Thats a rusty so and so

Actually these little engines are cool


New this year was a nice added attraction of vintage bicycles from the 40’s to the 70’s. The Custom and Classic Bikes of West Michigan group had 15 bikes on display with many members riding them around the show site.


Motor bikes



The local Boy Scout Troop helped in the morning directing show exhibitors were to park their land displays and helping out on the docks, were the good breeze made for interesting docking.

Its cool, not sure what it is, but does it really matter

Then the rest of the day they manned their “Float Your Boat” tent and pool. The kids visiting the show were encouraged to create their own boat and then float them in the kiddy pool. They normally have 35 to 40 boats made, but with the bigger attendance this year, they had 60.


The Crime scene! Dennis, your photos of peoples legs is amazing.

Speaking of crowds, we think the show format of having vintage displays of various hobbies, is bringing out more and more spectators, which are staying much longer, and spending more money in the vendor booths.

boats on display

When you have the same 20 to 30 boats, year after year, twenty minutes and you’re done. Now we have crowds from 10 am till 2pm or longer.

Best bow shot of the day.

The worst bow shot of the day

Okay then, but whats that guy on the right doing?

Okay, a little Gulf Racing thing amagig

Yup. I bet its faster than my trawler, thats for sure

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    This is a great event that Dennis seems to be making better every year. We have had a conflict the last couple years, but we have to make the Spring trip across Michigan again. It’s a fun day for sure!

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    To think this is the only show in michigan this year. Too bad there is nothing happening later in the year

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      Oh contrare, fearless leader, the Michigan chapter will be doing their thing in Algonac June 22-24 for a 40th anniversary party. Register for the fun at michacbs.com.
      We will then be going all out for the big week long party at the ACBS International show in September in Port Huron. “Bring your Boat Home” and join us for a full week of fun. The full scoop is on the Boat the Blue banner on the left side of the page.
      WoodyBoaterville is rocking in Michigan this Summer!

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Great Show! I agree Dennis that adding the other hobbies is a wonderful way to include more people and make it a bigger event.

    Here is another boat that was built in Holland (Michigan).

  4. Jason
    Jason says:

    That’s my son in the blue Star Wars shirt! It’s a very nice local show that I attend every year. Sadly, my ’63 Correct Craft was not in the show as the engine is still getting rebuilt…

  5. Bilgerat
    Bilgerat says:

    Nice to hear that the scouts were involved. Maybe get some of that generation to appreciate the antique and vintage boats that they will never will have the opportunity to grow up with like us. Perhaps some will become “caretakers” of these craft like us and continue the tradition or madness depending on your view.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    A lot of cool pics. of neat boats in the last two days! Keep em coming. I also enjoyed the pics. of other types of neat things.

  7. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Thanks, Matt for making fun out of my picture taking capabilities, lol. You should see the “leg shots” I did not send you.
    Troy would be proud!!!
    But also thanks for putting this up so fast, either I am sending in better reports, or you had a SLOW day…lol

  8. Richard daley
    Richard daley says:

    The cross marketing of different clubs with different passions is a potential game changer for boat shows.
    As has already been said it attracts and key here “HOLDS people longer making it a potentionaly a more cross generational show with much wider appeal. Well done.

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